Man, it’s pretty out here


See if you can find where I was by using the road sign!



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8 responses to “Man, it’s pretty out here

  1. Hmm… looks like maybe just northwest-ish of Fruita, CO.

  2. You were right on the corner, there, by the end of Q road.

  3. I’m going to say you’re looking N of E at the intersection of Douglas Pass Rd (road between US6 at Loma and US40 at Dinosaur via Rangley – not sure what the local name is)
    Nice country up on the pass …

    • Still much more south than that, but pretty much on the same road.

      • Quizikle

        Not Q and Douglas Pass Rd north of Loma?
        I guess I’m lost then…
        (“I know where I’m going; I know how I got here. I’m just not sure where I am at the moment.” Pretty much describes my road trips)