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Screw That!

I am officially declaring it to be the end of Pants Season at work. 85 in the building today, 94 outside. Shorts from now on–at least until 5.11 ships that kilt (though by the time it gets here it will probably be October…).



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Quote of the Day

From DaddyBear:

I’ve been watching coffins come back from the third world because someone saw something on CNN that made them cry for too long, and I’m tired of it.

Amen. Man, we could take a tenth of the money we spend on wars in the middle east, give it to Israel with the memo line on the check reading “Tanks, Missiles, and Ammo,” and be much better off.

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Uh oh. Cat blogging ahead.


These two little creatures came home with us yesterday. One of my mother’s co-workers had them and was looking for a good home, and little Fractal never showed back up after he disappeared, and the mice in the shed weren’t going anywhere… Now we need a couple more good cat names. They’re still gobsmacked enough that the personalities haven’t come out yet, so we’ll see…

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New Rush album coming out

June 12th, or so I hear. Called “Clockwork Angels,” and has a steampunk novelization tie in. Or so I hear.

In any case, this is a solid rocker. Looking forward to hearing the rest of the album!

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You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike

I wonder where my Christmas present front sight is after not hearing from Bushmaster for three months.

I email them to ask.

I not hear from them for nother month, until, I email again.

They say, “This item still shows as back ordered from the vendor.You may want to try them direct to see if this is still being made. The company is Yankee Hill Machine.”

I  go bug YHM.

YHM (within 5 minutes from my query, huzzah) say “We no longer produce it for Bushmaster and have not for over a year. You will need to contact Bushmaster directly as last I knew they were going to produce it



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Scissors beats paper

Another fun little picture.

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Where’s Wall-e?

It took me 5 minutes, but I found him.  Kind of fun just to see how many of the different robots you can recognize in there, too.

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Your WTF for the day

All condensed down into a pocket-sized video:

It’s like… every trope from an 80’s cartoon mushed together into 3 minutes.

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A quick pic


I now declare this firearm fully magpul’d! Now, to sort out the front sight situation. According to Bushmaster, I need to talk to YHM because they’re the ones who really make it. I’m about ready to just say “forget it” and be happy without irons… or I could keep waiting for the next year and a half, probably.


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My mother’s cousin and Mr. R parked their trailer in our driveway last night, going back through from their winter digs in New Mexico to the mountains of Idaho.  They’re leaving this morning, but not after we hit up somewhere for breakfast–then I’m off to work, they’re off to all parts north, and my mother is… off work for her first day of summer vacation.

I think I’m going to start this week off easy and then just taper off.


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This is the spookiest creepiest music video I’ve seen in a long while

Lorn – Ghosst(s)

I sent it to my brother the other night and he said “not what I needed in a dark room alone at night with my headphones on to drown out everything else.”

Don’t worry, bro, I’m here for you!


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Memorial Day


A knickknack, a memento from when I visited Gettysburg back when. It reminds me of the fields, the silence, the monuments, and the history. That same trip we visited Arlington, and so in a way this little brass cannon reminds me of that, too.

I remember these things, things that tie me to history, and I honor those fallen to preserve that history, those who have served it, and those who serve it now.

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Another rut

Of course, this is a rut that zig zags.

Still none of these ruts have been as bad as the Muse one, amiright?

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Smells like dust outside…


Smells like strawberry rhubarb jam inside.


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