Yard work


Was empty when we started…


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6 responses to “Yard work

  1. doubletrouble

    Is that a Farmall? Wrong color though…

    • Grandpa said it’s a 1942 Allis Chalmers, the first tractor he bought, back in 1956.

    • Oh yeah, and that he paid $300 for it.

      • doubletrouble

        Right- AC would’ve been my 2nd (or 3rd) guess. AC’s were orange, but I’m guessing after 70 years in the sun, it might be a tad lighter in shade.
        Gotta love those old beasts; I sold my ’58 Ford to buy a spankin’ new 4wd unit.
        Still miss her.

        • My uncle just fixed up and restored a little old Ford tractor–8N maybe, not sure on the year–and he’s trying to sell it. Didn’t get any bids at the auction yesterday, but he’s not worried. Almost tempted to trade our 70’s-era Kubota for it, it’s so pretty…

  2. theseriousgun

    Nice tractor!