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One slightly crushed thumb (it was only a small sledgehammer, after all), two palms full of splinters, a few scraped knuckles, a coating of concrete dust, a dusting of dust dust, a splatter of grout, spots of epoxy all over, and a blister. My first 12+ hour day ever!



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More Fieldwork

Well, I’m off to stand in the sun the rest of the day. Wish my pale Irish skin luck!


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Road Rage

To the lady in the flashy little Kia Crossover:

Sorry I was going “too slow” for you, but “pissing you off” ranked much lower on the “Things I DON’T want to do today” scale than “rear ending a propane tanker.”

Hugs and kisses,


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Here. I’ll creep you out with this song to get your Moday started on the wrong foot.

From the movie “Mirror Mask,” that my brother really likes (which probably says something about him, but I’ll let you be the judge of that), and made me watch once:


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Hooray! My own pocket fire! I always wanted some of that stuff. Surefires are so highly proved, even at half off it was a little bit wince-inducing. But cry now, smile later, or whatever, now I have a lifetime pocket flashlight!

And I suppose I need to stock up on lithium 123A batteries… and maybe a LED diode…


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Grubbing About


Probably 80% planted now… LOTS of peppers and chiles…

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Your bi-whenever chicken picture


How do you like THAT artsy-fartsy framing, HUH? My plan for world domination by way of pictures of cute baby birds (while admittedly still in the early planning stages) Will. Be. Unstoppable!

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Seen in the grocery store parking lot


All Rovers of various shapes and sizes. Looks like they’re off to have a good time…


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Time to upgrade?

I see that Cabela’s has a deal on a Surefire E2 flashlight, $55 off, putting it into the “hey, I could shell that out for a flashlight that will last forever, can’t I?” territory. All I’ve got right now is a little Streamlight keychain light, which has been great, but takes those little button-cell batteries that, to replace, cost more than a new one, which is tedious…

Perhaps I’ll swing by the store on my way home and scope it out.


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Off again

So cousin and his friend stayed around yesterday, did a bit of sightseeing, and we all went out to one of the local microbreweries for dinner last night (they were impressed by the beer, hooray!) They’re off this morning to all parts west, hoping at least to make it to Lake Tahoe, or possibly all the way to San Francisco. He reminded us that the last time he or his family were out here was something like 9 years ago, and was glad to see it again. I guess all those forests and fields of Ohio get pretty repetitive after a while, some nice sandstone cliffs help to break the monotony!

Hopefully he’ll have a good rest of his trip!

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I’m excited

House of Heroes has a new album coming out this summer. While this particular song isn’t perhaps the best example of the awesomeness they can accomplish (check out this one for that), this is still a nice solid rocker:

Looking forward to seeing what else is on the album!

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I just ordered a khaki one. If you wanted a kilt, but didn’t want to pay for the Utilikilt name, now is your time to strike.

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They say it might rain


Should I believe them?


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Cool Technology

A camera that describes what is in the picture rather than making a picture. Doesn’t use 1000 words, though. Missed opportunities…

But if they combined this with a regular camera it could make organizing my photos much easier…

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