Since it’s St. Patrick’s

Gaelic Storm is the ticket:

Just promise me you aren’t going to drink any green beer. Please. Else I will be forced to make fun of your poor taste.


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8 responses to “Since it’s St. Patrick’s

  1. Butch Cassidy

    Sssshhhhhhiiiiiiiiiii…A friend invited me to the brewpub tonight and I agreed without thinking. It is going to be a zoo.

    • Uh oh. Got the microbrewery out of my system on Thursday. For today I just bought some Guinness to enjoy at home. Maybe you could suggest something similar?

  2. Beer should be black
    “I’m black & I’m prowd!”

  3. Neither of you geek-dudes picked up on the “black-prowd” comment?
    Ashamed, I am.