Henry .22 Lever Action: A Short Range Report

Over the weekend I had a chance to run a few round through my new Henry while down at my grandpa’s farm.

All I can say is “wow.” I now know the real definition of fun. Swing that lever, and pop those cans! I thought my 10/22 was good–and it is, don’t get me wrong–but it’s got nothing on the lever-action.  I mean, when you’ve skinned your knuckles from working the action so many times, but you still keep going, you are really having a ball.

Then it got even better. I loaded up 21 CB .22 shorts. No hearing protection needed–you hear the fall of the hammer, and for a split second wonder if the round actually fired, and then you are rewarded with the sound of the bullet hitting the can. 21 times, as fast as you can work the lever. I was shooting from around 25 yards, and it was actually hard to miss.

Out of the whole time, I only had one problem, one .22 short, the last one in the tube of mixed CB .22 shorts and CB .22 longs, got its nose munched up when trying to load it into the chamber. I fished it out and dropped it in manually, and it shot just fine.  I would somewhat expect a problem like this to pop up from time to time while shooting the shorts, since they have a longer distance to travel when sliding out of the magazine and thus more opportunity to get off at a slight angle.  Not anything to worry about–my 10/22 does the same thing with 22LR’s sometimes.

My Grandpa said that I’ve ruined my life, that now I have nothing else to look forward to.  But that’s not strictly true–I now can look forward to the next time I get to shoot my Henry!



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6 responses to “Henry .22 Lever Action: A Short Range Report

  1. Lever=fun; true dat.
    Now, you need to get yourself a slide gun- Remington 572 or the like.
    It’s fun all over again.

  2. I think that’s the one that my grandpa was telling me that he and his siblings grew up on.

  3. Butch Cassidy

    Lever and pump-action 22s are the definition of fun. Which reminds me that I need to get myself a new Henry since the one my parents gave me is slated to go to the boy in a few years.

  4. I think they make a youth model. Why not just get one of those and a mares leg?