TSA=Totally Stupid Asshats

Or Touching Sweaty Armpits.  Or Terror-Supported Administrators. Or [fill in the blank].  Really, it’s no secret my views on them–they are probably the same as most of yours. You could go here here here or here to read some of my thoughts and observations I’ve said in the past about this “Security” agency staffed entirely by un-American petty jerks and perverts.  Yes, you heard me: ENTIRELY.  In fact, let me quote something from that last link:

“…I know that you have people working for you, normal people, who aren’t “bad guys,” people who are just doing their job.  Unfortunately, these people have come to rely on an institution that stands against everything that makes my country great.  These people have become accomplices to your agenda by way of their complacency.  They should not stand for your policies any more than I should.  As long as they do, I can not feel sorry for them if my words cut.”

Are we clear now, or do I have to use some more words?  Well, here’s another little bit of fun information about the PervScanners:

From the charmingly-named blog TSA out of our pants! which is run by a guy who is actually taking a court case against the TSA to the Supreme Court.

So once again I will point out that not only is the TSA a horrible affront to freedom, an epic waste of money, and just plain disturbing most of the time, they are also completely ineffectual.  It would be one thing if we had any assurances whatsoever that the “S” actually stood for “Security,” but as it is the TSA is the ultimate culmination of Benjamin Franklin’s “Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

And I will also point out that this post fulfills my “FBI Watch List” fulfillment of the day. What a sad state we find our selves in these days.

Added: also, neatly enough, both Weer’d and Borepatch have more TSA stuff up this morning.

Added II: Uncle as well. Guess it’s TSA day.

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