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Weekly chick update


They are now firmly our of the cute and fluffy stage and into the awkward frizzy stage…


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All signs point towards “Scots-Irish”


After standing in the sun all day Friday. The only logical solution is to wear more wristwatches.

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Muse Music XII: On to the next album!

Now we’ve gone through Showbiz, Origin of Symmetry, Hullabaloo, and Absolution, to come to the album that was the first one that I bought, Black Holes and Revelations. Two parts Prog rock, one part political commentary, and three parts conspiracy theories, nearly every song has something that I like about it. I’ll try not to do every single song from the album… but to start we’ll go with the first song off of it, Take a Bow.

It is very interesting to me how this song (and a couple others from the album) obviously criticizes Bush, yet applies equally well to the new guy. Even more interesting to me is the feeling I get that Muse would have it apply equally well to the new guy (really, you’ll believe me once we get to their newest album). They’re equal-opportunity criticizers.  But none of that matters if the music doesn’t deliver, and boy does it on this album…

Oh, and for anyone out there who would rather have some nice epic classical music, there’s a version of this song for you!

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Well, dam!


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Just a small bit more complaining, this time about guns

I guess I’m just in a complainy mood today.

Complaint the first:  my Christmas present, a front sight for my ORC that was ordered back in December direct form Bushmaster, has not shown up.  Nothing besides the initial order confirmation has been received.  Emails sent asking for information remain unanswered.  I remain hopeful that airing my complaints here will unjinx it for me.

Complaint the second: the shifting “in stock” date on the stock I have on order keeps getting closer… and closer… until The Day and then it magically moves two weeks into the future.  Also been doing this since December.  Now scheduled for the middle of April.  Until tomorrow, probably.

Sigh.  Ok, I’ll go back to not whining now.

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Dear Spammers &etc: A Small Rant

I have noticed a bit of discussion about this across the blogoshpere (and the podcastoshpere?) lately, but a couple of spam comments in this morning’s trap got me thinking about it, and now I’m thinking about it “out loud” for you. The spam comments were in the order of “If you are serious about making money with your blog then you should use our website blahblahblah,” and “I have noticed that the Google page ranking for this page is very low, and you NEED to use SEO correctly OR ELSE blahblahblah.”

Let me be very clear here.  I don’t care. I don’t care about search engine optimization.  I have categories or tags or whatever they’re called in WordPress for things, but more so I can easily find old posts if I want to go back and read them, not so searching Googleateers can be shunted in.  I don’t do this for money or products.  To date I have received absolutely NOTHING from anyone that wasn’t bought and paid for with real hard cash.  I have rejected offers for advertisements.  I don’t want any of that.  It isn’t my goal.  Let me repeat:  I don’t care.

I do this blogging for me.  Any reviews I post are as much so I can remember what I like and don’t like as they are so anyone interested can tell what I like and don’t like. You don’t like to read gun reviews on the internet? I don’t care.  You disagree with my review of a Heinlein book?  I don’t care. Don’t get me wrong, I love to get your comments and such, but if I had exactly zero page views a day, I would still be doing this. My profile over there says that I like “guns, gardening, and random youtube videos.”  That’s a little simplified, obviously, but if you don’t like to read about and listen to the sorts of random crap I’m interested, it’s not my problem.

Why is it that everyone assumes that everyone else is doing the blogging thing for the wheelbarrows of cash and product that are obviously being carted around?  Why can’t I just do it because I want to?  So screw you SEO and people who want me to write gunrag-style reviews to rub the back of a manufacturer so I can get free stuff.

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At this point in the proceedings the audience undoubtedly was hoping for a break, or Muse Songs Episode XI

This next Muse song off of Absolution is on the top of my Zombie Apocalypse Fight Songs playlist.

Muse – Hysteria

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The thing I’ve been working on for the past week which was giving me tear-out-your-hair frustrations and deadline terrors has finally been figured out! The model is still missing a ton of data and so is inaccurate as all get out, but it drew me a pretty picture, and, as my boss said, “when you’re dealing with permitting, it’s better to look good than to be good.” It’s just such a nice feeling to actually make progress…


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Thought for the morning

The only thing I find more annoying* than shaving is having people ask me “Oh, are you growing a beard?”  So if you see that I’m clean-shaven, congratulations, you now know that you’ve annoyed me into submission. I. HOPE. YOU’RE. HAPPY.

*Ok, maybe not the only thing.  This is pretty damn annoying, for example.  But it’s a nice turn of phrase. So there. The only thing I find more annoying than people who get worked up over hyperbole…


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Muse X

After I complained yesterday that Absolution doesn’t have as much wailing in it, you have to realize that I wasn’t referring to this song – Stockholm Syndrome

I think this video is just funny. Cheesy talk show hosts being blown away by awesome guitars.

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I never thought I would say this, but I think my 23 inch screen is too small.  I guess that’s what happens when you have 5 HECRAS programs running, two ArcGIS’s, more Notepads than I can count, and a TurboCAD.  Crazy.

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Books of 2012: John Ringo and the Paladin of Shadows Series

I re-read John Ringo’s Military Thriller/BDSM Porn (really–it’s much more descriptive than you might be expecting) Kildar series, skipping the first one because I don’t like it, Kildar, Choosers of the Slain, Unto the Breach, and Deeper Blue.  They’re a pretty quick read if you skip all of the OH JOHN RINGO NO! stuff, and pretty entertaining.  You can read any of those links for more descriptions of the actual books, but for now I would just like to add that, like many of John Ringo’s series, this one starts very strong but seems to overstay it’s welcome as you progress into the last book.  It just seems rushed, like it could have used another few months of brainstorming and editing to get a better story. There is still plenty to like about them, but that’s just something to be aware of.

I’d rate the series as a 7/10 for the civ builder and action parts.  The sex parts, well, I guess that just depends on how you feel about such things.

And I swear the only thing longer than the list of books I need to read is the list of books I need to write a post about…


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I told Doubletrouble I’d mention this

The other day Doubletrouble told a story about how he used to have a truck that he had to hold the door shut with a length of rope when he went around corners, which reminded me of a story that was in the local news a month or two back. This is the only mention of it that I could find on the interwebs, so you can read that, but I’ll summarize it here while adding some details that that particular article doesn’t mention:

So there was a guy who drove a Chevy Cavalier (strike one). The driver’s side door on this Cavalier didn’t latch (strike two). He was driving with a blood alcohol level of .238, when the legal limit is .08 (strike three). And here is where we go beyond the simple baseball metaphors and into the realm of Calvinball. He was chewing tobacco, and leaned out his [unlatched] door while going around a corner to spit his wad. As he was drunk, and was going too fast around the corner, he fell out of the car, which (being a nonliving object in motion) didn’t really mind that it no longer had a driver, and promptly ran him over and killed him. That must be strikes four through twelve. Or rather, he insulted the pitcher of life, who then proceeded to bean him in the face with a 92 mph fastball.  I’m sure the first law enforcement on scene had a little “What the heck?” going on in the back of their heads.

You can’t fix stupid, but sometimes it fixes itself…


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Muse IX: Who let the strippers into the War Room?

Yeah, you heard me.

My first favorite from their third real album, Absolution. This album seems, to me, anyway, to be more cohesive and have a much heavier sound in the guitars, but Bellamy doesn’t wail as much, which is unfortunate. There are still quite a few great songs, though, so don’t despair we’ll have more in the next couple days.

Oh, and in case there’s some uncultured schmuck out there who doesn’t get the war room reference, here you go:

Though, thinking about it, those guys would probably have really gone for some strippers…

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