New Boots

I’ve been needing some new hiking boots, as my old ones are 6 years old, have started leaking, and shrank the last time I wore them on a big hike because they got submerged in a stream when I slipped off a wet log (fun times). Went into REI yesterday, and they would have gotten my hard-earned cash except no one there seemed particularly enthused with selling me anything, so I wasn’t enthused to buy. Funny how that works. Anyway, this morning I went down town to the little old shoe store that’s been in business since 1910 or something, was greeted by a cheerful sales lady who made me try on all sorts and sizes till I settled on some Merrel Chameleon mid-height boots.  Amazing what a helpful staff will accomplish over an apathetic one.

All leather upper, nice sticky Vibram soles (hopefully to prevent the falling off a log incident from repeating), and a solid, stiff construction.  Very comfortable, especially as I also bought some green superfeet insoles to go with them (I have narrow feet with high arches–the superfeet keep me from wallowing around in my shoes, and will hopefully keep me from following in my mother’s footsteps (heh) of large, bothersome foot surgeries).

Looking forward to getting out on some more hikes, now!


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4 responses to “New Boots

  1. I'm alzo in the market for new hiking boots and was poinfed toward Merrils. Seem worth the price?

  2. I think these were $150 (without the insoles), which seems pretty average for a decent pair of leather hiking boots. And, more importantly, they fit me pretty nice. Wore them for 6 or 7 hours today, and was happy. Time will tell, perhaps after I go out on a real hike or two, but so far I'd say I'd buy them again. A little premature, perhaps, but there you go.

  3. Pam

    Those look pretty comfy…I wear a lot of Keen products because unlike you I have boxes for feet! Makes finding shoes a little hard but thank goodness Keen seems fine with making wide,square shoes and boots.

  4. My feet are still happy after another two full days wearing them.