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It is leap year, after all.

Got this one from that video Weer’d had this morning.

People flying through the air! Hooray!



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It’s times like these…

…that make me want to go back and re-do my interview at MEGACOALMINE in Gillette.  Because Wyoming is totally awesome.  At least I can rest easy knowing that my good buddy I’ve know since I was a wee tot has a job up there, and my brother is in Laramie, so I’ve got an “in” in case civilization collapses.

Hat tip to Ed for the article.


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On Commenting

This is up there on one of the header pages, but I thought I would post it for really down here in case you missed it.

I have the commenting set up so that the first comment you post has to be approved, but after that you will be free to do your thing with no more strange rituals to decode any word verifications.

In general I should be able to get to approve them very quickly, but on occasion it may take a little while.

Also, the spam trap is set up to stop anyone who has more than 3 links in a comment–if you are legitimate and have more than that, I will hopefully catch it and approve it.

One last thing, those of you who don’t like the automatically generated avatar, you can go to and set it up so you have your own thing. Just FYI.


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So, yeah…

Welcome to my new digs, yo.

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TEST Music!

First random Youtube video posted via WordPress! Bear with me…

Does this work:

hmmmm… in any case, I just love Yello.

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TEST 2: Mobile posting. Just to see how it works.


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Depending on how fed up I get with Google Blogger, this may or may not come to fruition. We Will See.


Updated,  Feb 20 18:24:  I have imported all of my blogger posts and comments up to this point.  I am still not switching over, I just want to have it mostly ready if I do decide.  Also under consideration is whether or not to do a custom domain.

We Will See.


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So there.

CAPTCHA absolutely sucks.  I think I just turned off all word verification here.  Blogger is pissing me off more and more.  Can you think of any real compelling reason to stay here? 

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With rum sauce and strawberries:

My first cheesecake ever.  The top was cracked, but the rum sauce was nice and thick and covered it all up just fine.

I should do more foodblogging…

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Just back the pallet up and put it right here…

Did you know that you can buy those freeze-dried marshmallows that are in Lucky Charms, without any of the troublesome bland and boring part?  95 pounds of marshmallows for $400 to live the childhood dream…

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Worthy Alternative?

Well, I’ve been slowly messing around with WordPress for a while now, tweaking it to get it where I think it’s bearable.  WordPress does some neat things, better than Blogger, but then, it has some serious issues in other areas.  But the way that Google seems to be running ramshod over everything they are connected with, the time of change may come sooner rather than later.  This CAPTCHA thing is something that I have a severe hatred for, but that seems to be the only option on Blogger anymore.  That may be the straw…  but really it would be prudent to diversify my internet presence, rather than having everything on one password.

As of right now I AM NOT switching over, but I am curious to see what you other people think about it:

The comment moderation over there is set up (I think) so that your first comment has to be approved by me, but after that you are good to go.  You can leave a comment over there, or probably preferably for now over here.  In this case more so than others I would love to hear from you–anyone out there have a particular hatred for WordPress?  Do you just love the way the blogroll is organized on Blogger, but think it’s too much on the other one?  I want to know.

And, as Butch suggested to me, if you click to over there, and then click back to over here from there, maybe we can get a tear in the time-space continuum going and invent perpetual motion.  That would be cool too.


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This is a pretty neat concept for a music video


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So I think we’re getting our first real snow of the whole winter. All the other ones haven’t really left enough to make an impact. But in the past couple hours, it has gone from nothing to this:

The moisture is very much needed, I think the last numbers I saw was about 75% normal snowpack for this time of year.  Plus, a good snow day is always fun.

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