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So, went out for Chinese food…

…and my fortune read “If it seems that the fates are against you today, it’s because they are.” **paranoid glances back and forth**

I thought today was going pretty good, though! Guess I had better just go to bed, and not “tempt fate”…


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So now in addition to HEC-RAS, I’m installing ArcGIS and HEC-GeoRAS. Because if ever there was a program cobbled together from decades of DOS command lines even more than HEC-RAS, it would be ArcGIS… should be fun…


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Your fun Wikipedia page of the day

List of Unexplained Sounds

Be sure to click through them all and listen to the ones with recordings, some of them are pretty spooky.

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Old Old School Massive Attack

More of a short film than a music video:

One of those things where nothing much seems to happen, but I just enjoy the atmosphere of it.

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How Exciting!

The “in stock” date of the buttstock I want for my rifle has been pushed back every time I’ve looked at it on Midway since mid December, until the past week, when the date went out to the end of February, and then started coming back the other way.  It’s now looking like it may be shipping within a week…  at which point I will declare myself momentarily satisfied on my setup (though there’s still the bayonet, and the sling, and the [_____]).

I MUST get out shooting more!


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So True

Dr. Boli on the severity of different crimes. Sadly, I had to laugh. As they say, follow the money…

(Oh, and I would say “sorry” for the linky not thinky, but even when I’m not linky I’m not thinky, so I guess you just get what you get.)

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I was warm in bed this morning and as soon as I got out I was cold. Went downstairs to eat breakfast and I was colder. Went outside to drive to work and I was colder.

…I hope I’m not coming down with a cold…


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This one has everything

Morcheeba, Blindfold:

Exceptional lady singer, check.  Symphonic strings and turntable scratches, check.  Forced perspective and slow motion visuals, check.  Random fish being thrown across the screen to keep you on your toes, check.  One of my favorite songs ever!

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Has anyone else noticed this recently?

My sitemeter statistics are showing that googlebot is on a mad tear through my blog. Usually I get a couple hits a week, but I’d say in the past 5 days a good 20% of my traffic is actually googlebot. Just wondering if it’s just me, or if anyone else is noticing that too.


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Sunday Music: Some Kind of Zombie

I can’t remember if I have posted this song before or not, but it’s been a looong time if I have.

Before zombies were in, Audio Adrenaline made this:

I quite like the comparison of being “dead to sin like some kind a zombie” (ahem, “dead man dance” ahem).  Doesn’t hurt that it’s a solid rockin’ song, and a bizarre music video (in other words, right up my alley).  And it’s from one of my favorite 90’s Christian albums–I know I did the Chevette song, off of it a while back.


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There’s our little annoying dog (taking a break from trying to pull off my socks) and my Uncle’s Ridiculous Corgi (who was supervising him taking off my socks) I mentioned the other day.



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More trip-hop, this time Portishead. And live, with an orchestra!

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To cut the grumbling in the air

Have some kittens on a vacuum.

Just doesn’t get old, that.

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While I’m at it

Since it seems that most of the driving population of the United States has a problem telling under what conditions you need your headlights, rather than give you some sort of list that you will forget here’s a helpful hint to keep you safe, and more importantly, to keep me from dying screaming in a fire with you:

Just. Turn. On. Your. Headlights.

Since it is too hard for you to remember that you ought to turn them on in fog, just turn on your headlights when you get in the car.  Since it is apparently too hard for you to remember that you ought to turn on your headlights when the sun isn’t up yet, just turn on your headlights when you get in the car.  Since it is too hard for you to remember to turn on your headlights when you are driving a little grey car in the twilight, just turn on your headlights when you get in the car.  One rule.  Keep it simple.  Turn on your headlights.  Broad daylight and it hasn’t rained in a month?  TURN ON YOUR HEADLIGHTS.

With any luck you’ll forget to turn them off and your battery will be dead, keeping your apparently too-dumb-to-breathe body off the road.


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