Bushmaster ORC Brief Range Report

So made it out to the range yesterday with my rifle (pt1 of my escapades here, pt2 here). We got off 40 rounds before the dark and the cold drove us home, which was enough to get the red dot sighted in and to get a feel for the rifle. We started at the 50 yard berm and then tried a few at the 100 yard–which is about as far as we could go with the red dot, anyway.

100 yards, 3 shots from me and 3 from my friend, can’t remember which ones are whose

I am happy with that, considering that I have been mostly a pistol shooter–and all those holes are within the “dot” of the scope. I could see a person going out further with a red dot if they knew what they were doing, but…

As for the gun, I was pleasantly surprised at how little recoil it had–while it was of course more than my 10/22, it was less than my dad’s .222. More of a “push” than a “jerk”. That’s a semi auto vs a bolt for you. While the 30 some odd rounds I shot might not be enough for a real test, I had no discomfort whatsoever. And again, 40 rounds isn’t enough for a real test, but so far no problems functionality-wise. I love those P-mags, too. So much nicer than the metal one that came with it.  The only complaint I might have about it right now is that with the generic stock on it pulls hairs off your face at times. 

I hope that I can get out there some more sometime soon. As they say, shooting is converting money into smoke and noise, but it also converts money into experience and skill. Probably ought to spring for a range membership so I don’t have to work around my friend’s schedule.

Oh, and the obligatory shot of the gun (notice the redneck shooting rest!):

It’s a good thing that no one else was there, we spread out over three shooting benches!

As always, fun was had by all.


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6 responses to “Bushmaster ORC Brief Range Report

  1. Butch Cassidy

    Four MOA (assuming those are 1" squares on the target below it) with a new rifle, new optic, and larger caliber than you usually shoot? Not bad at all.

  2. And it's a 4moa dot in the scope.

  3. looks good enough for a battle-rifle.Bet with better glass and a better rest you can shrink the groups more.And that's not looking at the trigger and if it needs breaking in.Looks like you had fun which is how it's done!

  4. Irons, good scope, new stock, are all on the list.

  5. "Redneck shooting rest"? Ya gotta improvise. Use what you can. Looks like good shooting!

  6. Next time we'll bring something a little steadier than a duffel bag full of camp pots!