Like a kid in a candy store

So through my church (and most churches, I think) there is a program with the Salvation Army where kids who may not be having a great Christmastime get their name put on a tag on a tree in the lobby, and members can pick a kid to buy a present for.  Being that I am a bit of a geek, I made sure to pick a kid who wanted LEGOs.  And being a bit of a geek, I used this as an excuse to go into the LEGO store that opened in town while I was away at college. 

Oh man. 

It’s a good thing that this place wasn’t around when I was 12–that probably couple thousand dollars I’ve got sunk into little plastic bricks from years worth of allowances would probably have been doubled.  Seriously, BEST STORE EVER.

I walked out with a nice yellow steam roller set for the kid from the tree (slightly crumpled box, about 30% off), and a graduate minifigure and giant raptor for my friend (the one who sends me all the links I use pointing to cool LEGO things) who is graduating from School of Mines next week.  Because my order was over $50, I got a free LEGO Star Wars mini set, too!  Gotta love it.

If this whole “engineering” thing doesn’t work out, I know what door my shadow is going to be in, begging for work…



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2 responses to “Like a kid in a candy store

  1. I have learned not to buy LEGO products, because if I buy any, they sit on my desk and gather dust. I can't put them away because they're too cool….so for the tree in my church, I took an ornament labeled "basketball". That was safer.Thank GOD there isn't a LEGO store near me!!

  2. Yeah, they're all over the place in my room.