And the price of gas isn’t even all that bad. And isn’t it a little scary that I can say something like “$3.29” isn’t bad?


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  1. I filled up for $2.98 the other day, and I almost danced a jig. This morning it was back up to $3.29.

  2. Yes it is very scary. I remember when 50 cent a gallon gas wasn't bad. Hell, I really miss $1 a gallon gas, and that wasn't that long ago.We are the frog in the pot."They" spiked the price up close to $4 a gallon, which was a shocker for the BAR household budget. And, then dialed it back a bit, and now $3.29 a gallon is a relief.

  3. I don't think I can even remember gas being less than $3.00…

  4. I remember being a kid and it being 35 cents and my Dad saying "that's highway robbery!". The bat truck needs it's own dinosaur just to create the fuel for one trip north to visit friends. At least I don't have to drive into an office every day. That helps.

  5. In the summer I was regularly getting over 16mpg with the truck, but now that it's getting colder out it has dropped down to around 14.

  6. $3.17 yesterday, locally; feels like a bargain.That said, when I was a lad, five guys would pile into my car (straight 6), each kicked in a dollar, & we'd drive to New York to buy beer (age was 18 there, then)- gas was 28 cents/gal.