This one goes out to doubletrouble

He said, and I quote: “It’s inevitable. Once you get a cat, the cat-blogging commences. It’s a rule, I believe.”

So here you go:

Fractal the cat, in daylight. He had his whack of shots and is starting to act much more animated. Though the vet said that he’s 5 months old yet only weights 2.5 pounds. So he’ll probably be a little cat when he grows up.

Happy Caturday, dammit.



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6 responses to “This one goes out to doubletrouble

  1. Caption: "You stick sharp, pointy things in me, I stick sharp. pointy things in you!";-)

  2. Is he going to be an indoor or outdoor cat? Indoor cat's are less apt to be run over or become prey, but some outdoor cat's are quite cunning. We have an outdoor cat for rodent control that avoid's the road and uses cover to avoid haw's and eagle's (she got away from one once).

  3. Barn cat. Live in the shed where we keep the chicken feed, so I figure even if he isn't a good mouser he'll at least scare off the mice.We lost a cat years ago, we think to an owl. It was a biiig owl.

  4. Heh.Glad to see you're following the rules…

  5. Love the name. I've more than one textbook on the shelves that speaks of it. He's a good looking kitty. Hope he whumps the heck out of the owl.

  6. Funnily enough, haven't seen the owl for ages, either…