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Yesterday we got the back yard raked up–hopefully there won’t be many more leaves back there, as the dogs are always dragging them in to the house. Then got the sprinklers blown out, winterized for the year. Made some modifications on the little pump house to make it easier to perform maintenance on the pump–I think next spring I’m going to pour a concrete pad for it to sit on to help alleviate some corrosion issues. My mother bought a ton of apples and cooked them down for hours and hours and added sugar and spice and made her famous apple butter. Nothing at all like that bland pasty stuff you get at the store. Then I fried up some green tomatoes from the very last stragglers from the garden to go with the pork chops my mother made. A good, classic fall day.



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Straining credibility

Seen on the front page of the newspaper: an AP article about a Berkeley scientist who used to consider himself a climate change denier, then when the East Anglia shenanigans went down he looked over their leaked data and decided that they were 100% completely right.

Seen on the second page with the weather: Average high for this day: a lovely 60 degrees. Today’s projected high: an absolutely astonishing… 60 degrees. Record high for this day: a still pleasant 78 degrees, set in 1970.

Seen buried in the middle back of the newspaper: an article about the huge northeastern snow storms that went down over the weekend (2 feet?!? Man–you have my sympathy).

My conclusion: it’s no wonder the “old media” is losing readership. The only reason I read it is so I can make fun of the articles in the morning, and that’s not really how you want to build your business model…

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Die screaming in a fire!

Say it was cold last night, and everything was coated in a hard frost, causing your small black Japanese car to be the same color as the worn pavement you drive it on.  Now you need to drive to work in the early morning at that time of day just before sunrise.

Do you:
a) Start a little early to warm up your car, scrape off your windows, turn on your headlights, and drive like a normal, sane person?
b) Wait until the sun comes up to melt all the ice off your car, and then drive to work like an insane person because you waited so long?
c) Not scrape off your windows, don’t pre-heat your car, don’t turn on your headlights, and then tailgate that large white truck with the “peace through superior firepower” window sticker who, as it turns out, can’t see you because of your expert camouflage?
If you guessed “c”, you almost died today taking, someone else with you and delaying traffic for hundreds of others as they tried to get to work! Congratulations!

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Happy 2-month Mega Holiday!

Forgive me for being a little bit cynical, but I don’t really think I need to say anything else besides what was written in the title.


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Start the week

Hit me with your best shot, Monday!

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Note to self

Never ever ever go to Cabela’s on a weekend during hunting season.

Actually, don’t go to the mall in general on a weekend this close to the holidays.

Actually, it may just be best to shop online from now on.

What a zoo!


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Talking to the neighbors, who said they saw a coyote come down from the desert across the interstate, across the road we live on (looked both ways before crossing!) and into their corn field. In the 18 or so years we’ve lived here, and the 21 they have, we’ve never seen a coyote before…

May put a damper on my plan to get a barn cat.

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Do you value you sanity?

Whatever you do, don’t type in “japanese music videos” on youtube.


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Complete failure

Honestly, what kind of person doesn’t have a can of tomato soup sitting in the back of the pantry? I feel like such a loser…


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Ok, NOW I’ll post this video. If you think I’m doing repeats I hope you’ll go back to the previous video and see that no, you aren’t going insane, but I am apparently not as good at this whole “copy/paste” thing as previously thought.

From Spikessib comes this video:

I just want to say one thing:

This video made me really sad.


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Seen on the road on the way to work

The Wells Fargo Horse Hauler.

Wonder where it was going–it wasn’t on the interstate…

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Another Massive Attack

“Lucky dippers
Crazy chancers
Seems to be moving fast
What happened to the nicities
Of my childhood days
Well i can’t do nothing ’bout that, no
But if you hurt what’s mine
I’ll sure as hell retaliate”

TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES–I appear to have copied the incorrect code for the video I wanted. The one that appeared will probable appear a little later. Sorry for the inconvenience. Those responsible have been sacked, and management is letting you have the rest of this blog for half off the regular price today.

Thank you.

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Let me tell you, we just came back from one of the local bar & grills (it’s not really a brew pub, but it’s associated with Breckenridge Brewery so they have semi-local beers) and I had the most amazing beer I think I’ve ever had.  It was their Vanilla Porter (which is pretty good in its own right) which had been aged in a used bourbon barrel.  Wow.  Amazing.  Dee-lish.  If anyone out there ever comes through my area of Colorado, I highly recommend stopping by The Ale House and trying it out.

And then when we got home we saw this sunset:

And all was good.

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Good Video

From The Smallest Minority:

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