A Prayer

Lord, protect the widows and orphans, help modern medicine to find a universal cure for cancer, and keep me from ever, ever looking like someone out of “people of walmart” while grocery shopping. Amen.


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3 responses to “A Prayer

  1. Pam

    AMEN for that! One of the super centers in town just resurfaced the parking lot. I was shocked to see the number of handicap spots they painted…I know I'll probably take slack by someone over this, but I swear half the folks using these spots are obese, not truly handicapped. I always wonder what came first.

  2. I hardly ever see a car in a handicapped parking space. More of your gubmint at work for you.Well, Bluesun, if you keep doing the sprint away from the trapped skunk when you get a twitch and "miss" every day for the rest of your life, you might escape that particular body form.Unfortunately, age comes your way every second of every day.just sayin…and just for the record I am only 30 pounds over weight and I do not, repeat do not wear stretch pants.

  3. oh, Amen brother.