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She is very small

But she is very loud.

It’s Flyleaf.



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A Short Movie Review: Cowboys and Aliens

An excellent summer blockbuster–with cowboys and aliens in it!  The cowboy bits are solidly western–the gruff mean old guy who turns out to be ok, the man with no name, the Indian sidekick–and the alien bits are entertainingly sci-fi-y–abductions, probing, lasers–and it all comes together surprisingly well.  The production values for the aliens and the ships are off the scale, and there are tons of good ol’ single action revolvers.  Really, the worst part about it is the cognitive dissonance of seeing James Bond as a cowboy–Daniel Craig does a fine job but you just have to work through it in your brain.

The best movie I’ve seen in theaters all year (though that’s not saying much–the others were Sucker Punch and Thor).  Well worth my $8.50 matinee ticket, and probably even worth the 11 bucks for an evening one.  I would even be willing to see it in theaters again, which is certainly saying something.

Oh, and at the end, all I could think was “I really want to see what Thomas Edison and/or Nikola Tesla are going to do with all those bits of alien technology just laying around…”


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Breakfast for lunch

First fried up half an onion (from the garden!) Added a grated potato. Chopped up a sweet pepper (from the garden!) and spreaded it on top of the potato. Don’t touch the potatoes until they are getting crispy on the bottom, then flip everything. Meanwhile, I was crispifying some bacon. When the potatoes are starting to look almost done, add the bacon. Scootch everything in the skillet over to one side and add a couple of [fresh] scrambled eggs–let them get halfway cooked and then mix everything together, and add a good handful of grated cheese. Let it cook until the cheese makes a nice crispy layer in there. Add spices and seasoning (I had fresh rosemary and salt and pepper).

I ate it all…

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Folk Remedies

Alum on a canker sore.  Stings (what doesn’t?) but works. 

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When I’m king of the universe…

Drunkenly shooting off fireworks at 1:30 in the morning on a day with no holi- will get you lashed to a stake and used as a target for said fireworks. Sheesh, can’t a guy get any sleep around here?

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One more Dada

I’m even more impressed that these guys have been around for so long, and still keeping up the weirdness–gotta keep the dream alive!

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A Short Movie Review: Prince of Persia Sands of Time

Scorpion King was better.


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Sums up my feelings on the matter

I haven’t really said anything on the whole Debt “Crises” thing.  Mainly because I don’t think anything the yahoos in DC do will be anything but helpful, and is, in fact, simply political grandstanding.  PawPaw has a nice little saying that sums it up nicely:

“A failure to plan on your part does not make this an emergency on my part.”

I don’t know, maybe I should be more worried about it. But since all the numbers are coming out of the Bald and Bearded Bernanke’s office, and all the press releases are coming out of the capitol building…

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Left work early

The mercury termometer I keep next to my desk read 87.

Inside the building. 

It was much too hot to concentrate. I just had Slippy Toad screaming “IT’S TOO HOT! I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!” in the back of my head.  Over and over and over…

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Wild Night

So the party I had last night was a screaming success. After work I stopped by the library to drop off one that I finished on my lunch break, and picked up another. Then I went home, and read through the new book. Then I ate an egg sandwich (with horseradish–daring!) and a root beer float. Then I tried to ignore the phone ringing at ungodly hours. Then I went to bed.

If all you easterners lived a bit closer, it would have been much more exciting–the blame lies squarely on your shoulders.  That’s my story, anyway.

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Got nothin’

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“At the point at which the economy is melting down, who cares what the Supreme Court is going to say?” Professor Balkin said. “It’s the president’s duty to save the Republic.”

From the NY Times, via Prof. Mondo.

If reminded me of Palpatine in Star Wars Episode II:

(Lord save me, I’m posting fan videos of people impersonating Star Wars characters…)

Oh, and while I was at it, I found this (not really but still somewhat related) video:

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New Life Rule

Life Rule #6: Don’t answer the phone after 10:00 pm.

It only encourages bad behavior.

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Alone again

So some of my mother’s Kansas family is visiting Colorado, but some of them are old and frail and not going far, so she is going to visit them. Where they are is two hours down the road, and since she was going to go up to WY to visit my brother and see his new off campus digs this weekend anyway, she’s decided to just combine everything and leave a couple days early. So it looks like I’ve got the place to myself again.



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