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Geek Out

Someone made a Zelda Adventure mod for Minecraft.

Very cool.


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Thought of the day

City Planner (n.) A leader of local governments who calls for more citizens to ride their bikes to work while simultaneously denying the funds to construct more bike lanes.

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This is some sort of bizarre dream, right?

Professor Mondo brings news of the new head of the UN’s Conference on Disarmament. Wanna take a guess who it is?

It’s North Korea.

I really really want to wake up now, please. This weird dream world has gone abso-bally-lutely batshit insane.

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The power of the jinx

I watered the garden. It started raining. Of course it did.

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A question

Why is it that the same people who think that government can solve all problems are the same people who think the government is so incompetent that it would build a radioactive waste facility that would cause the death of the entire country if a forest fire got close to it?


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Personal bread and circuses

We’re upgrading our internet to the higher speed version. Maybe I’ll stop complaining about how sucky it is. The goodest part is, they’re supposedly doing at no extra charge because the family has been using them in one form or another for 30 years, so we’re “loyalty customers.” So being lazy about finding something better maybe just payed off. Yay.

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Usually with classical music remixes they just put a stupid drum track in and call it good. This one they actually seemed to try to, you know, REMIX it.

It’s still blaspheme, of course.

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Good Golly

It’s not even 07:00 and it’s already 80 degrees out. I’m not looking forward to working today in an un-air-conditioned building…

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Took a left turn at Albuquerque

Let me be clear: I am entirely Public School educated, white, upper-lower-middle class family, 23 years old, and I scored 32/33 on this Civic Literacy Exam that Spikessib found. I quote from the website:

“The average score for all 2,508 Americans taking the following test was 49%; college educators scored 55%.”


“Of the 2,508 People surveyed, 164 say they have held an elected government office at least once in their life. Their average score on the civic literacy test is 44%, compared to 49% for those who have not held an elected office.”

I’m from the demographic that is supposed to be dumb–obsessed with sex and football, yet I got a higher score than college professors and elected officials?

I was just reading about Vernor Vinge’s doom and gloom prediction of “Technological Singularity,” but really, I’m doubting we’re ever going to get that far.

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Well, this sucks

The building I work in appears to have become the nexus of The Road And Utility Construction Project To End All Road And Utility Construction Projects. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many high visibility vests in one place before, and now there is no avoiding it, assuming I want to keep collecting paychecks…

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It’s a spinning cat TMBG PSA!

Not that I’m going to make a video (though I may know of some people with stylish capes…), but sometimes a little bit of randomnosity (or always, whatever) just makes the day better. And with the recent TSA anger, I could use it…

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Home again…

Everyone got home aok. The TSA didn’t even confiscate the jar of mustard my brother had in his carry-on, though it was over 3oz and the agent looked right at it, further proving the absolute incompetence of that agency. It would be one thing if they were any good at all at accomplishing their stated goals, but it seems we are to get all of the hassle of a police state with none of the promised safety…

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A long train of abuses and usurpations

The internet was invented so people like [EVERY TSA AGENT EVER] could look for specialized porn from the comfort of their own home.


Ok, I can get where people were coming from when the TS-Prodding Passengers in the-A was invented.  Terrorists are scary, etc.

95 year old cancer patients wearing adult diapers ARE. NOT. SCARY.  6 year old girls ARE. NOT. SCARY.   Hellfire and Damnation, even attractive and well-endowed women ARE. NOT. SCARY.

And yet.  And yet.

We get a statement from the TSA leadership defending these actions.

We get advertisements in the newspaper for more TSA job openings.

And if there is a single honorable TSA agent, they have forsaken any and all respect by way of their silence, and deserve nothing.

It occurs to me that we are approaching July 4th.  Are you going to re-read (or even write out) the Declaration of Independence, the reason for all the pretty shiny lights and burnt hot dogs?  It’s frightening how you almost wouldn’t have to re-write anything if you wanted to send it to the King George of our time.

Or are you going to be like most Americans, and just complain about your sunburn and the mustard stain you put on your red-white-and-blue t-shirt?

The United States are dead.  Long live The State.


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