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Hee hee

Ted Kennedy really was a scum bag, wasn’t he?


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Did you watch the TV last night?

I saw a travel show where they were touring Andalusian Spain, then a show where they talked about gardening, and then a show where they fixed up an old rotting deck.

And I felt good the whole time that the Oscars weren’t getting any of my ratings. Otherwise I probably wouldn’t have watched anything at all.

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Rum Runners

I was looking for a different song, but this one is good too.

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Sarah Palin as President?

Not here. Over at Borepatch’s place.

It’s an interesting read, though I’m not sure that he isn’t over-inflating the power of “New Media” a little bit. When I think of all the people I know, most of them either get the newspaper or get their news from the TV. I know that there are people out there (i.e., me) who get most of their news from blogs and the internet, but in my experience most of them are youngsters who may not have developed a healthy skepticism towards the talking heads, really just don’t care enough about politics and world events to be bothered.

Still, Borepatch makes a good point that nothing is impossible, especially if a person makes a concerted effort to turn the mainstream media against itself by using their own words against them. It seems that most of the republicans haven’t figured out yet how to do this (any of them?), and none of the democrats even need to try as the media follows right along with them…

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Sunday Music: Paranoid Schizophrenic Apocalyptic Whisper Kitten

Good ol’ Johnny Reuben

no words spoken will go unnoticed
happy as we’ve ever been
quiet friend silent companion
the ghost
inside in your head
miracles for fools
nothing left to prove
when the spirit
i wasn’t looking for relevant religion
the demons i know have got plenty of style
run for the hills
stay for a while
leave your personality behind
paranoid schizophrenic apocalyptic whisper kitten
working on some brand new fabric
polyester satin linen
when it comes to improvements
old money funds new movements
reach inside your bag of tricks
the next healthy alternative
for what it’s worth
greener artificial turf
if that magic doesn’t work
culture whores ask for more
you’ve been rejected
brother every thing’s exhausted
at least you know where to go
when you don’t have any
more options

Always interesting.

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Beef Stew

Wow. Delicious. I’m not sure what I did, exactly, but it was the right way to go.

Let’s see. I coated the beef in a flour/cornmeal/herb mixture and fried it before putting it into the pot. I used a beer as part of the base. Half the vegetables (onion, celery, carrot) were added chopped to the pot, and half were diced and cooked on the stove for half an hour first, with garlic and in a little bit of butter and vinegar. Sweet potatoes were used in addition to regular potatoes. A touch of red pepper flakes was added to give just a little bite.  I’m sure there’s more, but I can’t remember it all…

Wow. I could eat this every day.


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Sourdough Bread

Using starter that I made on Monday using beer dregs. Yeah, you heard that right. I wanted to see what happens. Pretty good bread, but the starter needs to age more to get more sour–as it is, the sourness is just a hint. Still really good bread, though.


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Guess What’s Cooking!

Hint: it’s a pretty standard, generic food. 

Another hint:  A good, hearty bread goes well with it. 


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Better music than yesterday

At the suggestion of NancyR, Morcheeba:

For whatever reason, I can dig this music but the stuff I had yesterday just wasn’t my thing. Weird.

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Everyone else seems to be doing it…

I noticed that I was on the blogroll at Low Dog on the Totem Pole, so they, in turn, have been added to mine.  And JayG’s and Borepatch’s… I’m a little late to this party.

Anyway, if you haven’t gone over there to check them out, you should.

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Even More News Stuff

Apparently, the Republicans are ready to commit sepuku and take up social “holier than thou” crusades again.  Frankly, I don’t get why the .Fed is in the marriage business at all.

Here’s a hint.  If support for something is split pretty much right down the middle (.pdf warning), don’t touch it.  You’ll just be pissing off half the country.

Nice to see that some people can still burn away my support with one news conference. You want to die on a hill, you can do it without me.

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Hard to describe music

How WOULD you describe it? I mean, what genre is it?


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More News Stuff

This comic was in the paper this morning, and I think if pretty well sums up this entire administration.


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Dueling Headlines

CNN headline asks “Libya: An opportunity for al Queda?

bluesun asks “CNN: Resorting to obvious headlines?”

Let Me Be Very Clear, Now–


Aye ye, freeking ye.

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