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Books of 2010: Recap

53 books.  Though maybe someone should check my counting.  Some of them were thicker than others, but I figure that “Atlas Shrugged” averages out with “Old Man and the Sea,” and we get an average of 53 real sized books.  That’s a lot of books!

Sorry, I just watched Kung Pow! again. That’s one of my favorite scenes.

2011, here I come!


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New Converts

Some family friends liked my stout so much that they wanted to start making beer themselves. So today we’re going to start another batch. Beer making is like shooting–show someone how to do it and they can’t help but enjoy themselves!

“Give a man a beer and he will waste an hour. Teach a man to brew and he will waste a lifetime.”


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The one thing I had to splurge on right now

The only thing that the new truck was lacking was a functional way to play music–and music is the only way I can a drive of any significant length (and you may have noticed that I like music a lot).  So Yesterday I bought a new stereo off of It turns out that a new stereo requires about $45 worth of extra stuff on top of the price of the thing itself, and Crutchfield includes all of that stuff free if your stereo is over $130.  Assuming it all comes in in one piece, we’ll see how easy it is to install…

The one thing that I don’t like about these things is that they all look the same.  A big knob and some buttons along the bottom, with bright LED lights.  I miss the stock stereo from my jeep already, what with its manual equalizer and big buttons.  What ever happened to manual controls?  Every thing is so digital these days…

And I just reminded myself of a song:

Every band should have a saxophone player in it…

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Books of 2010: Sherlock Holmes: The Montana Chronicles

I had been seeing “Sherlock Holmes: The Montana Chronicles,” by “Dr. John H Watson, M.D.,” “edited by” John Fitzpatrick, around the shops of Montana since the summer, and in early December I bought it just to see what it was like.  The premise is that Sherlock Holmes and Watson came to MT to help out Marcus Daly
(one of the Copper Kings of Butte’s mining haydays) and stay for a short time to solve a few other mysteries.  Dr. Watson left the manuscript at the Anaconda library, where it was lost in a safe until recently, when John Fitzpatrick edits and publishes it.

It was written in the same style as all of the other Sherlock Holmes stories, and is highly entertaining and readable, especially if you have been in the areas described in the stories.  Also in the book are occasional pictures from the early 1900’s showing the places as they would have been when Dr. Watson was “writing” the stories. I give it 10 pipes out of 10.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes started out my Books of 2010, and this modern incarnation appears to be the one to close it.  I should go back and count how many books I really read, as that was the whole point of this exercise when I started it, but right now I am lazy.  Maybe later.  What will I read in 2011?  Will I finally get back to Vlad Taltos, as I have been meaning to do for two years now?  Will I find new entirely series (series’s? series’?  What’s the plural of that word, anyway?) to distract me?  Stay tuned to find out!


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It’s finally below freezing and snowing!

It is winter.

We hitched the horse up to the sleigh,
Like Grandfather used to do.
Over hills and through the dells
We’d glide for an hour or two.
And soon my ears are brittle
And my mouth is frozen shut.
My eyes are locked wide open
And all I see is the horse’s butt.

Red Green


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I get the Ruger newsletter, because I can, and got this yesterday:

Just at the time that I really shouldn’t…


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My uncle thoughtfully put a bumper sticker on the bumper before I went over to get the truck:

For those of you who may not know, an arroyo is a wash, or a gully, usually in the adobe hills, that only gets periodic water running through it.  In the more redneck areas, it’s where you put all the stuff that you don’t want anymore–like old washing machines and broken glass.  And wrecked jeeps.

Hah hah.


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Wait, you said there was a plan?

After the vehicle escapades, which caused undue stress on my mother, the oven went out on Monday, in the midst of cooking a chicken, in the same manner it did just a year ago, causing even more undue stress. With my mother, me, my brother, another college friend who is staying with us for the holidays, and my brother’s girlfriend visiting, we needed a new oven now.

So yesterday I spent looking at ovens with my mother. After another stressful day running all over creation, we finally found “the one” at the local Buy More equivalent. Which of course made us feel terrible, for after talking to the super nice salesmen at the other stores who were trying to move the earth for us, we found “the one” in stock at the store whose salespeople are… bored highschoolers. But it was “the one,” and product trumps…

Then, after getting home, my mother decided to make smoothies. The blender exploded, complete with little pieces of plastic falling out of the thing. You can’t win, huh?

So today we are going to go up into the mountains for a day of rest and relaxation, to one of my favorite places on earth. We’ll pick up my truck from my uncle on the way, and hopefully avoid any more incidents.


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So… much… random…

It’s terrible and hilarious. Or hilariously terrible. It’s Llamas with Hats 4!

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The plan continues…

As I alluded to yesterday, I got that truck from my uncle.  In exchange for a ridiculously underbook amount of money and “a percentage of your first job’s paycheck,” this appears to be my next ride.

It’s an early 2000’s Ford F-150.  Sad to say, but all my years of dissing on Fords appears to have come back to bite me.  (By the way, did you know that Jesus was a Ford man?  Yeah, he walked everywhere he went. Ba-dum-chhhh!)  But it’s a super nice ride that is actually comfortable for me and my long legs–even the jeep was almost too small. And don’t get me started on Japanese cars…

It’s a running joke that everyone in my family is doomed to a white car, and it appears that I am to be no exception.  Any recommendations for cool bumper stickers so I can find it in the parking lot?


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$614.47 is what it cost me to get the plates put on to the new(er) truck.  $614.47.  That’s enough to buy a K-car.

Life tip, kiddies–don’t roll your jeep.  It’s cheaper to just keep driving it.  I think I am making that rule number 7, or so.


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Why I am amazed by Russia

Vlad Putin is not only the most frightening leader in the world, but he can also sing. Obama would be much too worried about his image to do this.


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Death Panels?

If it isn’t a death panel for grandma, why does the democrat leader say “While we are very happy with the result, we won’t be shouting it from the rooftops…

If you don’t have anything to be ashamed about, why keep it quiet? Short answer: they are death panels, and the government will have the power to decide if you get cared for or not. Doesn’t matter how much doublespeak you use to cover it up.

Not that I’m surprised. Anytime the feds control the funding, they call the shots.

From KurtP.

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True Grit

The other night me and some friends decided to go bowling.  When we got there, the bowling alley was closed.  Typical.  Luckily, the bowling alley was right next to the new movie theater, and luckier still, one of the girls used to work there and knew the manager well, so we got some free tickets.  Awesome!

Anyway, we went in and watched the new True Grit.  I found it to be a fairly entertaining western.  All of the characters are exaggerations–from the headstrong Mattie to the gruff and drunk Cogburn.  There is no thinly veiled social commentary (even though Matt Damon is in it) which was a pleasant surprise.  It is just a straight ahead western adventure, from all accounts a very faithful adaptation of the original story.  Get that?  Not a remake of the John Wayne movie.

The local newspaper reviewed it at 3/4, and I would say that I agree with them.


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