Books of 2010: Super John Ringo Edition

In the past two weeks I read four books by John Ringo, all in the Posleen War Universe:

1) Gust Front
2) When the Devil Dances
3) Hell’s Faire

and the latest one in the series, set about 50 years after the original series:

4) Eye of the Storm

I last read the original series as it first came out. This time I didn’t read the first book–Hymn Before Battle–because I guess I just didn’t want to. So there. The original series is a quality “Military Sci-Fi/Kill all Aliens” collection of books. “Eye of the Storm,” however, takes an interesting twist (sarcasm). After kicking the Posleen out of their arm of the galaxy, guess what happens? An evil collection of Alien races invade! Don’t get me wrong, it was a fine book–it’s just that the first third or so was going in one direction and then it seemed Ringo decided he needed a Deus Ex Machina to pull the story back into familiar territory.

I highly recommend the original Posleen War Series–I would give those books a 10/10. “Eye of the Storm,” however, seemed just a little bit too contrived. It was also the first in a new sub-series, so maybe it will take off in the future. I would give it a 7.5/10, still perfectly acceptable, but not outstanding.

And that’s four more books added to my total. Counting them up is going to take me a goodly bit when the end of the year gets here.


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2 responses to “Books of 2010: Super John Ringo Edition

  1. Heh, you are about two books behind me… Unfortunately, and I honestly hate to say this, because I like John Ringo and Michael Williamson, the series degrades the longer it lasts – I am plowing through "The Hero" right now, and honestly only continuing to read it because I started it, and I hate leaving books hanging. The first trilogy was awesome. The second trilogy was… yeah, "contrived" is definitely a good adjective, for the entire thing. And the extras… well, I guess we will see, but I am not holding my breath.

  2. I was either going to read "Yellow Eyes" next or just read a different series. Or maybe get back to some of my "serious" reading. I think I've got "The Hero" around here somewhere, but I haven't ever been interested in reading it…