Books of 2010: The Last Centurion

“The Last Centurion,” by John Ringo, was very interesting. It was a Baen free download onto my kindle, which is always good. I started this one before Monster Hunter Vendetta, took a break from it for a day to read MHV, and then finished it a couple days later.

It was a very interesting read–the style is non-standard, kinda “bloggy,” actually. It follows a soldier through a global flu outbreak and cooling event. You can just hear John Ringo ranting on his soapbox, which I love. Actually, you can hear an interview with him about this book where he rants a little bit here.

I found it very entertaining, and it had some very good points about modern society and science (in other words, if you are a regular reader of Borepatch you’ll want to read it).

Good stuff. Rated 9/10

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