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Halloween PSA


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Lost: One Elk

My friend (the same one from the gun show yesterday) went hunting yesterday afternoon and shot an elk right before sundown. He knocked it down with a solid body shot and he thought it was D-E-D dead, but it jumped up as he approached and it ran into some thick trees, right when it got too dark to see very well. So we’re going to go out this morning to see what we can see. Hopefully it was cold enough last night that nothing spoiled.

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I am happy to spread the word.

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And… BACK from the gun show

I didn’t have money for anything, but my friend who I went with spotted me (and he owes me money). I got 1000 rds of 9mm (you can never have too much!), and a few subsonic .22 LR rounds for goofing off with (I’ve always wanted to see what the deal is). The book guy wasn’t there this time, so no new “interesting” books.

My friend was looking for a single stack 9mm, and found a Kahr CW9, but left looking at a little S&W 642 (which is also on my list of gun wants, so if he got it I would be very jealous). In any case he needs to run it buy the wife unit first…

Anyway, a good time was had by all. Maybe an even better time will be had later, if we can get out shooting…

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Gun Show

Going to a gun show with 40 bucks in my pocket, so no “loopholes” will be jumped through today… mayhaps I’ll find some books or ammo…

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And in the Vein of the last post

Kinda funny, and kinda sad. Let’s look at a recap of Election 2008, as we head into Election 2010–

Of course, this little video leaves off how *HOPE* and *CHANGE* are no longer *SUPER EFFECTIVE*, but we will have to wait and see how thoroughly they have lost their potency.

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Election 2010… Battle!

MSM encountered an Election!

Use Jon Stewart Rally!

It’s ineffective.

MSM was defeated by Election!

Seriously, that’s the best they can do?  80 people in Paris and 50 in Montreal are getting together?  A dude in Mexico signed a petition, and he doesn’t even know what for?  This is news?

That is, almost literally, nothing.  Look, MSM, let me show you some math (I know, I know, math is hard, I get it.  I’ll try to keep it simple).   If we take you numbers, two rallies of 80 and 50 expats, and average it for a rough estimate, we get 65 people per rally.  If we take your number of rallies, 1160, and multiply it by the number of people per rally, we get 75,400 expats worldwide attending a “mini-rally.”

NOW–according to the US Census Bureau, the 2008 election had a total turnout of 131,144,000 voters.  That gives us a total percentage of expat rallyers who *say* they are going to vote of 0.0575%.  If we use the 2006 election numbers, the last non-presidential election, the total turnout was 96,119,000, we get a percentage of 0.0784%

To put that in perspective, that would be like me filling up the tank on my Jeep to go on a roadtrip, driving four blocks, and then giving up, rather than traveling the 400 miles I could go.

Again, almost literally, nothing.  Again, this is news?

Or is this, as Borepatch says, a dinosaur roaring it’s defiance into the winds of change?

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It’s a musical day, I guess

I always liked this song, and this guy does an epic multitrack to it.

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Can you take it? Can you get through the whole thing?

I did, and I think I am just a little bit crazier because of it.


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Here you go.

A little bit of Tears never hurt anyone, right?

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Time Travel!

From the Gormogons, those drivers of technological tomfoolery since at least the 1920’s, comes this video:

Crazy, or real? YOU DECIDE!

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Cosmic Justice

I had to put up some shooting club posters–in the liberal arts building I may have accidentally covered the peace seekers (*gag*) club poster…

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False Hope

Thanks to Breda and this post, I have found what I believe to be the most horrifying website on the internet, where false hopes and fake brain cells go to die, where people who believe in lies go to talk themselves happy.  It is a place of horrid horribleness, of sad patheticness, and of tales such as this:

“I was so excited I choked on a pretzel. True story.”

Paul L., Boston, MA

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you…

Remember Hope

Go and leave your own tales of woe, won’t you? I left the following, though I have no hope (heh) of it ever seeing the light of day on that particular website:

I was so disappointed that I went and bought a 20-round magazine for my semi-automatic rifle because I thought it would be illegal in a few months.
–Blue S, MT

Do you have a tale of false hope, real or remembered?

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