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Books of 2010: Monster Hunter Vendetta

Started reading at 15:15 9/29/2010, finished reading 14:00 9/30/2010. That’s with going to classes today. Stayed up till two last night.

Monster Hunter Vendetta, the newest Larry Coreia book, is very entertaining. Once again, he takes all of the horror movie cliches and fantasy fairy tale creatures, mashes them together with a group of badass goofballs who have all of the coolest toys, and purees it with a blender made out of explosives to serve you a piping-hot cocktail of pure awesome.

Seriously, if you haven’t read it yet, it makes me sad. I mean, there are gangsta garden gnomes! What are you still reading this for? Go and read Monster Hunter!

I rate it four hundred and fifty seven bajillion out of ten.



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Religion Quiz!

15 questions asked, 15 questions answered correctly.  Booyah!  Though to be fair, the one on transubstantiation threw me for a loop for a second–but then, I’m not Catholic.

I had to do it, as the article that linked me there was talking about how atheists know more about religion than those who identified themselves as Christian.   But then, the quiz covers religion and not Christianity, so it is a loaded headline.  If you actually look at the statistics, the “White Evangelical Christian” category got above average or tied on all of the “Christian” questions, falling off on the stuff about Ramadan and Nirvana.  I mean, really, the 64% that Atheists got isn’t exactly a passing grade either…

Take it here.

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That little picture in my sidebar way down at the bottom is of the new and improved version of Rock Paper Scissors, that has 25 choices.  I just noticed that they have now made a flash game version of it, so you can go and make vital life choices without even interacting with a real person!

Though, word of warning, in my messing around with it, the computer had the alarming ability to win 80% of the time…

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Tactical Kindle Case

Along with Monster Hunter Vendetta, there came another package with the Kindle case I ordered (instead of that Oberon one).  It’s made for the Kindle 2, so it’s a bit big, but since I was just looking for something to keep it from breaking in half if I threw it in a backpack, this will work fine.  And it was $10 off amazon.

So there you have it.  The end to that ordeal.  Unless Magpul decides to make a real Tactical Kindle Case, with rails for book lights and injection molded grips.  I would spring for that.


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Look what came in the mail!

Let’s see how long it takes to read it through the first time.  I tend to read books like they’re movies, i.e., fast fast fast.  That causes problems with textbooks and deeper stuff, but it sure makes something like Monster Hunter fly right by.

Added:  Started reading at 15:15, 9/28/2010.

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Today’s computer lab question

So yesterday there was a girl in a backless dress.  Today in the computer lab I’m sitting next to a Muslim girl wearing one o’ them hijabs, and I can’t help but wonder what she would think about the music in my earbuds, which is Israeli Trance-Techno.  She must be pretty liberal to come to an American university, but still I wonder…

Added:  She just got up and left, but then two other Arab looking guys came and sat down.  Same question to them!

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This made me laugh.  After all, how can you have an organized anarchist group?

If you don’t stop in to Dr. Boli’s every once and a while, you owe it to yourself to start. [checks syntax] Yeah.

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Fighting Bigots with simple pictures

Linoge at Walls of the City has a very interesting post up that shows the number of gun owners in the US compared with the number of violent crimes committed with firearms.

Click to embiggen

You should head over there for more pictures and more descriptions of them. It’s good stuff–simple and powerful.

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News of the Heeby Jeebies

Canadian Woman Cut in Half to Save Her Life.”

Reading that story just freaked me out.  I’m glad for her and everything, but if it ever comes to the point in my life where the doctors say, “We need to cut you in half to save your life,” I’m just going to say “Nope.  I have a better idea. I’m going to take up HALO jumping as a new hobby.”

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Why In the World?

While in the computer lab right now, I saw a girl walk by wearing a backless dress.  Why in the world would you wear a backless dress to school?  I mean, this is pretty much redneck/trailer park country–the people of the city call themselves “Rats” and are proud of it.  It’s a “dry campus” (yeah right), so I know there are no cocktail parties going on.  I think all you would get out of it is a cold back…


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Poor Shoppers

In the spirit of Borepatch, I present to you a picture:

Thanks to a link from Tam, I seem to have found minor fame on the interwebs.

So now shoppers who are looking for a high quality custom leather case for their kindle have a choice: the actual company or a rant about hippies…

And in case you are wondering, I did finally buy a case. But it’s a neoprene thing that was made for the kindle 2, and thus is slightly too big, but also on sale for about 10% the cost of the Oberon one.

I would have bought one from magpul if it was offered, but can at least take solace in the fact that the neoprene one is black, and thus tactical.

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Epic Music

This whole shtick started with Rob, when he posted a music video by the Quemists. Intrigued, I went to pandora and made a channel devoted to that type of music. Eventually, the band Infected Mushroom came on, at which point I was spending so much time on youtube clicking on their music that I broke down and bought the album Viscous Delicious. This way I can listen to it without the browser open, which is helpful also to keep me on track with homework.

I present to you the most epic song on the album: Heavyweight.

Electronic music may not be the thing for everyone, but I enjoy it. Probably too much…


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A seriously weird web comic

Weird but cool… some really good production values going on in there.

Romantically Apocolyptic

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Monster Hunter Vendetta Comes Out Today

Because I am a mindless follower of Larry Corriea, and he told me to tell you.

And if you haven’t ordered it yet, what’s your problem?  You actually like to watch the forces of evil win?

Here’s my review of Monster Hunter International.

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