My mom just called–the day after I left for Montana the tomatoes started ripening in near-apocalyptic numbers.  So she’s over at a friend’s house and they are going to make salsa and tomato sauce and canned tomatoes and who knows what else.  They are actually running out of jars, and if you knew how many jars she has, you would be scared.

She sent me this picture of “Stage one of Salsa”

Then, of course, there are the cucumbers.  Several 5-gallon buckets of cucumbers.  After 20 or 25 jars of pickles so far, they are about fed up with that, so now she is looking at making sweet cinnamon pickles, which is apparently an old recipe she got from her grandma.

Of course, I’m up here starving in the near-produce free mountains of MT, so all I can do is drool.  Our garden had really bad timing.



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2 responses to “Tomatoes

  1. My folks were tending to a neighbor's tomatoes. Unfortunately the little cherry tomatoes did NOT do well and most were shrivled. The day they came home, Mom and Dad went and bought all these huge beefsteak tomatoes and secured them to the vines with wire. The neighbor's came home and were ecstatic, then "hey someone TIED these on here". It was pretty funny,

  2. We had some cherry tomatoes, too, but they never got that big…