Hitchhikers guide to the Towel

What’s the answer to life, the universe, and everything?

From ThinkGeek

Not big enough to be practical, but I like the design…



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2 responses to “Hitchhikers guide to the Towel

  1. I love think geek. I got my office trebuchet from them.

  2. I love trebuchets! My dad and I built some homemade trebuchets (about foot long arms) when I was in middle school. It was supposed to be for a science fair, but I was really just doing it to throw metal balls across the room. Then, in High School my engineering club had an annual egg toss contest, where we had some very large trebuchets (as well as a 25 foot high slingshot and some air cannons).But none of that really has anything to do with thinkgeek…