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Goin’ to Glacier, Ima Goin’ to Glacier!

What better way to end the summer with Labor Day Weekend in Glacier NP? I’m going to try to get the ol’ homework done early and I just seasoned a rusty dutchoven that I stole from home–ready for Dump Cake! Some friends (who are real people with real lives and don’t go to school) are going up tomorrow and are going to get good spots. Incidentally, if you’re going to be at Many Glacier this weekend, drop a line!

*goes off to dream of the hikes*


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State of the schools from the perspective of a student

From my extremely scientific study (i.e., bumping into people while walking around campus), I’d say that about 95% of all incoming freshmen are aimless hoodlums. You know the type–flat-billed ballcap at an odd angle, pants down by the knees, and they walk with that odd strutting shuffle.

Anyway, these hoodlums were a very small subset of my freshman class, and they mostly dropped out or switched to business degrees. They now appear to be the majority. I was talking about it with a friend who teaches the lowest level of freshman math, and she said that most of the people coming in these days are entirely funded by student debt (a.k.a. loans). In other words, we have a majority of morons with an attitude problem who basically will never be able to pay off their student loans, because they don’t realize that they would be better off not going to college.

Anyway, that is what I’ve noticed–not big and Sowelly like Kevin Baker, but the feet on the ground at a small engineering school in MT.

God save us all.

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Double Rainbow. For Real. Again.

If that dude was me for the past couple weeks, he’d probably be laying on the ground with a burst vein in his brain.  Last Thursday there was another double rainbow, this time in MT.  They’re following me around, or something.

This one really did look close.  I couldn’t get the whole thing in my camera.

Of course, with a camera in my hands and Double Rainbow Guy on my mind, I had to fake some emotion again.

So sorry about that.  But really, what are the odds?

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Why are Americans so hostile to Muslims?

This article asks.  It goes though a bunch of BS that says that Americans are all idiots who don’t know any better.  I have the real answer.  It’s because they keep blowing us up.

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My mom just called–the day after I left for Montana the tomatoes started ripening in near-apocalyptic numbers.  So she’s over at a friend’s house and they are going to make salsa and tomato sauce and canned tomatoes and who knows what else.  They are actually running out of jars, and if you knew how many jars she has, you would be scared.

She sent me this picture of “Stage one of Salsa”

Then, of course, there are the cucumbers.  Several 5-gallon buckets of cucumbers.  After 20 or 25 jars of pickles so far, they are about fed up with that, so now she is looking at making sweet cinnamon pickles, which is apparently an old recipe she got from her grandma.

Of course, I’m up here starving in the near-produce free mountains of MT, so all I can do is drool.  Our garden had really bad timing.


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Hitchhikers guide to the Towel

What’s the answer to life, the universe, and everything?

From ThinkGeek

Not big enough to be practical, but I like the design…


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Why I like MT part 47

Because when the feds screw up, do something hypocritical, and light a forest fire that blows up, burns 3000 acres, and forces the evacuation of several homes, the people don’t say “I’m just glad they got us out in time” (a la hippie), they say stuff like:

“I’m mad as hell. Whatever expenses we accumulate is going to be paid by the Forest Service,”


“If I had been up there and done that, I’d be in a squad car, going down the hill to the jail.”

In other news, it’s awfully smoky here today.

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Yeah, Yo.

Soooo… 90’s.


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Yep.  I have Senioritis (AKA: Rapid Motivational Loss Syndrome) in a bad way.  As we were waiting for the professor to show up (he was late), one of my classmates said, “So much for getting the power point set up before class.”  I replied, “Meh. That pretty much sums up my attitude this semester.”  Then the guy on the other side of the row said, “Yeah, I’m at about 15%.”

Of course, what with the economy and all, we’ll all probably go into grad school–yay, more years of school.  They say that you are never done learning, but sometimes I get really sick of all this edumacation stuff…

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How many Justin Biebers could you take in a fight?

I can take 28.

From the same guy who gave you “How long can you survive a Zombie Infection?” comes this little quiz:

How many Justin Biebers could you take in a fight?
Created by Oatmeal

It’s kind of weird how you can compartmentalize Justin Bieber into being an object of derision rather than a person. At least, I think he’s a real person… 

Maybe I shouldn’t think about it too much, and just skip to the fight scene.

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Oh dear.

From an email I got.  It said this is from a San Francisco newspaper.  Which in turn reminded me of this video:

GET AWAY FROM ME, CALIFORNIANS! I need definite proof that you have a lick-o-sense before I speak to you. This should come in the form of a written essay titled “The wonders of Bacon.” Any and all other solicitations will be shunned, in the form of this video sent to your email of choice:

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Correct me if I’m Wrong….

When, exactly, did Jimmy Carter become an authority on releasing prisoners?  Because apparently he’s in North Korea right now, doing just that…

Added:  My roomate just said “If that doesn’t work, maybe we can send over Nancy Reagan.”


And while we’re in this vane, you should look at these pictures of Kim Jong Il.  Hilarious.


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Pencil Carving

My roomate sent me an email with pictures of pencils that the lead had been carved into different shapes:

He got it from his graduate school advisor, who said “Grad Students with way too much time on their hands.”

And here I am, posting one of the pictures of these pencils carved by grad students with too much time on their hands.  My schedule this semester unfourtunately has very large gaps between classes–almost enough time to walk home for a couple hours, but not enough to get anything done…

So I sit in the computer lab and goof off on the internet.

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Taking a Liberal Arts Class at an Engineering School

My first class today was Lit 231, Classical to Renaissance Literature.  The teacher came in and told us the hotel next to his house burnt down, so he was going to go home and “comfort his dogs.”  He didn’t even hand out the syllabus.  Oh, and the book hasn’t come in to the bookstore yet, so no reading assignments.

Since I signed up for this class as a filler (not for any credit requirements), I guess I didn’t really want to work too hard at it, but I was kinda at least expecting a syllabus…  I am, after all, paying for it.

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