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Know Your Meme must be destroyed. 



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Nothing is happening.

The only thing on the news is Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.


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Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to work I go

I’m going to chop down a tree, assuming I can get the stupid chainsaw to work. Here’s to not chopping off any limbs!

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Ammo Update

With what Geodkyt said here (thanks!), which pretty well fit in with what I was thinking, I hit the stores today after work.  At Cabela’s there was no ammo that stood out to me, but I picked up a shirt that was on sale.  At Sportsman’s Warehouse, I found the “Remington HD Ultimate Home Defense” rounds, which all evidence suggests to be repackaged Golden Sabers.  They were a good price and seemed to be on par with any of the other choices available.  I picked up enough for a good function test, and in the spirit of “the only shot that counts is the one that hits the target,” I got some more Blazer cheapo for practice. 

This hopefully won’t be a case of counting my chickens before they hatch, but the only thing left to complete the ensemble is pending on the Sheriff’s office.  Curse your eyes, bureaucratic paperwork!

Added:  Oh, and at Sportsman’s Warehouse was a traveling display of trophy elk.

Some of those things were huge!  Very impressive…

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Sharing the Pain

This dumb song was stuck in my head all afternoon the other day. I thought I’d get it stuck in other peoples’ heads too.

Catchy, no?


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Google News Fail

To the left, you see an article about Grizzly Bears in Yellowstone.  To the right, you see a picture of Polar Bears.  The algorithm needs some tweaking…

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Opening up a BIG Can of Worms Here

I need some ammo advice. But first I need to lay down some ground rules. Yes, I know it is only 9mm. So snide comments like “Well, the best self defense round in 9mm is to sell your gun and buy a .45” are not helpful. In short, I don’t want this to turn into Any. Forum. Post. At. All. talking about ammo choices. Forums devolve into name calling and poor character references before any useful information is shared.


I’ve heard it said that you should choose the bullet size one lower than the maximum available. As far as I know, the max is 147g, and the next lowest down is 124g for 9mm. Is there any truth in there?

Then, the guy at the gun store recommended Winchester PDX1 at the 124 grain bullet size. I am inclined toward that, but he has none in stock and doesn’t know when more is coming in. Cabela’s only has the 147g version in stock. I haven’t checked Sportsman’s Warehouse yet. His fallback suggestion was Remington Golden Saber.

The Big Green Book suggested to stuff it full of Cor-Bons and get on with your life. I like the sentiment, as I imagine most of the choices out there perform adequately.

As I am a total noob at this type of stuff, any [constructive] suggestions would be great.


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Shred On

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Apparently I’m 5% Hippie

I tied with Alan

You are 5% hippie.


Ok, you conservative soul. Do you even believe in global warming? Loosen that necktie a little, and try some organic food. It actually does taste better. And go to a farmer’s market–they’re fun.

Are you a hippie?
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Probably because I’m a youngster.

But I will say that global warming is a hoax dreamed up by power hungry scientists and has damaged my faith in all other areas that use numbers to prove themselves, I don’t wear ties, organic food has no greater nutritional value than the cheap kind, and I don’t go to the farmer’s market because we have a huge garden that has more in it than we can eat. Why don’t you go and stuff that carbon footprint somewhere where the sun don’t shine, hippie?


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I don’t think they know what they are saying…

Holds up a fish: “Jacques Cousteau!”

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Bad News

I was reading the news, and got depressed. Then I read this at SayUncle and was happy again.

Gurkha+Kukri=Someone I Want For My Team

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Colorado Republicans…

It appears that the next governor for CO will be Democrat John Hickenlooper, by the simple expedient that the Republicans are only good at shooting themselves in the foot or each other in the back. Here, this little article pretty much sums it up.

At least I can take comfort in the fact that Hickenlooper owns a microbrewery and so presumably knows that you can’t spend more money than you have. Unfortunately he is also the mayor of Denver (which, by the way, is the only anti-gun location in the state) and so doesn’t know that there is a Colorado west of the continental divide.

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Benedicte Maurseth

This lady was one of my favorites at the National Folk Festival.

(skip to about the 3 minute mark to see what I’m talking about)

Anyway, there’s your random education for the day.

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Great. What will we do when bears learn to turn the key?

A family in Larkspur (south of Denver) had their car broken into by a bear, who then honked the horn and took it off park.  Luckily he only made it down the road before running into a tree.  But, I ask, what will we do when the inevitable happens and the bears take over our vehicles?  You thought zombies was a fun intellectual game to play to prepare for the worst?  Bear motor gangs isn’t a game, folks, and it is worse.  This is real life.  Be prepared.

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