Zombieland Rules

I just watched Zombieland, and was quite taken with the rules.  A little bit of Google-Fu, and I found the full list:

1 Cardio

2 The Double Tap

3 Beware of Bathrooms

4 Wear Seat belts

5 No Attachments

6 The “skillet”

7 Travel Light

8 Get a Kick Ass Partner

9 With your bare hands

10 Don’t Swing Low

11 Use your foot

12 Bounty paper Towels

13 Shake it off

14 Always carry a change of underwear

15 Bowling Ball

16 Opportunity Knocks

17 Don’t be a hero (though some rules are made to be broken)

18 Limber Up

19 Break it up

20 Its a marathon, not a sprint, unless its a sprint, then sprint

21 Avoid Strip clubs

22 When in doubt Know your way out

23 Ziplock

24 use your thumbs

25 Shoot First

26 A little sun screen never hurt anybody

27 Incoming!

28 Double-Knot your shoes

29 The Buddy System

30 pack your stain stick

31 check the back seat

32 Enjoy the little things

33 Swiss army Knife

It was quite entertaining–about on the level of Shaun of the Dead, with a bit less paradoy.  I liked Tallahasee’s Mare’s Leg (but I’m a sucker for it after watching Firefly reruns all these years)–and why did Columbus only have a double barrel?  Anyway, if you don’t mind a bit of gore, it is well worth it.

Update:  I keep running into situations where I say to myself–“Oh, rule 4.”  These things are infinitely applicable.

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