Will the Madness Ever End? Tech Sights for my 10/22

I got my new Tech Sights on Saturday, which was a good thing to distract me from the evil test I took.  They are adjustable military-style sights, and look good on my 10/22:

The hardest part was getting the old front sight removed from the dovetail.  I was scared of hitting it too hard, and so wound up banging on it and banging it up more than if I had just hit it.  C’est la vie!

The rear sight simply screws in to the top of the receiver in the ore-drilled holes. It is a peep sight, with two different “peeps” for different ranges.  Just flip it back and forth as needed.

The front sight.  I am thinking of painting the little post white or orange; it was a little difficult to see against a dark background (a muddy hillside).

And the sight picture.  I did no adjusting, and it was already minute of golf ball.  I ought to sit down and really zero it in, but that isn’t nearly as interesting or fun as shooting at golf balls.  They bounce all over the place!

I really like my new sights: they are of sturdy metal construction and are very easy to shoot with.  They make it easy for you to spend money on your gun, which seems to be a recurring problem with me.

Oh, yeah:

No one paid me for any of this review. I wouldn’t mind getting paid to do reviews, but no one has offered yet.  Those are my pictures, and these are my words, freely spoken without coercion or regret.  I hope that is enough for you, FTC.

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