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Gun Show this Weekend

I think I know what I’m gonna be doing…


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Books of 2010: Short Story Edition– Old Man and the Sea

I read “Old Man and the Sea,” by Ernest Hemingway, this morning. It was nice to read something short, after Atlas Shrugged. I don’t know what I am doing reading things that could actually be considered “Literature.” Maybe next I need read some more cheesy Sci-Fi…

ummmmm… I give it 9/10.

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Says my brother: “I’m sure that the trees would be quite moved were they sentient, able to hear, and able to understand human language…”

And the rocks are ALLLLLIIIIIVVE!!!!

If environmentalists want to be taken seriously, they aren’t doing a very good job.

From Big Hollywood

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Books of 2010: Atlas Shrugged

I finished “Atlas Shrugged,” by Ayn Rand on Wednesday, 10 days after I started it.  If you haven’t read it, you should–not so much for Rand’s philosophy (which, like all philosophies, has good and bad points about it), but for her vision of how the end of America comes. The story was very good, and very frightening.

I was talking to my roomate about it, and he said “So it’s scary because you could see it happening?”
I replied, “NO.  It’s scary because you can see it happening. It is happening.”

The apathy of society.  The moral relativism.  The rising welfare state.  The blind handouts to other nations.  Taking from the producers to support the consumers, while asking nothing in return.  All of these things are happening today, and Atlas Shrugged shows what happens when these ideas are carried out to their (il)logical conclusion.

10/10, and you should read it, or read it again.

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A Shaun of the Dead Haiku

This was so great that I had to pass it along:
From SayUncle:

Oh my god. Zombies!!!!
We need to get some weapons.
Crap. We’re in England.

I love that movie.  And Hot Fuzz.  And I can’t wait for the next one those guys make.

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A Lutran Joke

A strongman was giving a show down at the big circus.  He made a pinhole in a lemon, squeezed a cup of juice out of it, and yelled to the crowd, “I’ll give $1000 to the man who can squeeze out another drop!”  All of the burly men in the audience came up, and none of them could get anything else out of that lemon.  Then, a shrived old man hobbled up, took a hold of the lemon, and squeezed another cup and half out of it.  The strongman and the crowd were amazed!  “How did you do that,” they asked, and “What in the world do you do to be able to do that?”  He replied, “Oh, ya, sure, I’m da treasurer down at da Lutran Church.”

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Anytime is a Good Time

And any excuse is a good excuse!  It’s snowing up a storm, and has been all day, and looks like it will the rest of the week.  And I’ve only got a few of my Christmas Ales left.  So raise a glass with me, for the memory of nice weather that was last week–and celebrate the coming of winter!

Not a great picture, but what ya gonna do, huh?


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D-U-N with Senior Design

After tweaking around with the stupid projector and finally just rednecking it, we just finished giving the final presentation and handed in the report. It went better than I would have expected–the instructor for the course is a pretty hardcore old Electrical Engineer, but our two advisers were there to temper his grouchiness. Here’s a picture of our final machine, ready for the next group to come and wire it up:

Looks pretty slick, eh?  Now I never have to look at it again.

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The Governor of Texas shot a coyote while jogging to protect his dog. He carries a “.380 Ruger pistol” (probably an LCP) with a laser. Sweet, huh?

Just the fact that the Governor is a man who is willing to defend himself says a lot. I’d probably vote for him.

From SayUncle


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It’s raining today, and looks like it will be for the next week.

I love Jesse Cook’s music, especially the slower songs when you just need to sit and look out the window at the rain. Sometimes, as my Uncle says, it’s good to “start out slow and just taper off.” Have a good day!

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It’s the End of the World as We Know it, and I Feel Fine

Senior design is due in two days, yet I am not worried about it. Yesterday I spent all afternoon reading “Atlas Shrugged.” I don’t know if I am actually close to being done with it, or I am ignoring it.

I suppose I’ll find out in a couple more days, eh?

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So Tam has a post up about Obama calling for the young vote to come out again for the coming November elections. Over at The Smallest Minority Kevin had a post a few days ago about how terrible public schools are, about how many youngsters don’t have any idea who even won WWII.

I am a 22 year old college student. I went to public school. I am going to a public university. However, I REFUSE TO BE LABELED BY ANYONE, CONSERVATIVE OR LIBERAL. You want to talk about the young vote and it’s mindless support of Democrats? You want to talk about public schools and how the children are being brainwashed? Screw you. I am not a mindless puppet, a product of the modern machine.

I voted in the 2008 elections. I voted in the 2009 elections. I voted in the 2007 eletions. In 2008, I did not vote for Obama. To my eternal shame I voted for John “RHINO” McCain. So screw you, Obama, for labeling me as part of your herd, and screw you, Republicans, for letting us all down in 2008 with your selection. I know who won WWII. Studying history, especially the air war in WWII, is a hobby of mine. So screw you, all who assume me to brainwashed. I hope to make you eat your assumptions.

I hope you are now paying attention. I am a God-fearing, gun-toting, book-reading, small government American, no matter my age, and no matter your flimsy profiling.


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Don’t Hate on the Harmonica, Yo

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Saturday Explosion

I haven’t done this in a while (this is the first Saturday I’ve had free in long time), so it’s time for an explosion.  A famous explosion.

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