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Civic. Effing. Duty.

Well, in a probably vain attempt to spite the onslaught of Republican lobbyists and pollsters from the nonstop hounding (seriously, I got an flyer yesterday saying “Public records indicate that you have received your ballot and HAVEN’T VOTED yet, what are you WAITING FOR?” Well, thanks, fucktard, I just got it in the mail two days ago and haven’t had FUCKING TIME TO SIT DOWN AND FILL IT OUT YET!) (Sorry, but the aforementioned nonstop hounding has reduced the time-lag censor between my brain and keyboard), I just filled a pintglass with 2/3 gin and 1/3 cranberry juice, blasted Yello in the speakers, and sat down with a black ink pen to kick this pig. As a fuck you to Democrats I didn’t even think about voting for those miserable specimens of humanity of Hickenlooper and Udal, or indeed the 3rd party possibilities, and as a fuck you to the Republicans I voted independent/libertarian/whatever the hell weird alternative I had anywhere else, and a straight NO for all the judges, because fuck you, too. Gads, now I’m on my second drink (Wild Turkey, thanks) and the envelope is nicely sealed and awaiting a stamp in the morn.



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Coming home to roost

Apparently Eric Holder is resigning today. Curiously right when he’s losing court cases about Fast and Furious.


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Question of the Day

“…are all the ‘droids equally malfunctioning?”

I think LSP has the best explanation for the insanity in our biggest smartest strongest fastest et cetera-est leaders I’ve heard yet.

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Sorry? SORRY?


Hickenlooper just proved he is either too stupid or too evil to lead. In case there was any doubt.

Sorry? Fuck you with a rusty fork.


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In relation to the last post:

Yeah, like that. Republicans, do a new ad like this every week and we’ll see how I feel about you come 2014. Now Is Not The Time To Play Nice.


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Dear Republicans:

Assuming you do not totally fuck it up and stay the annoying gutless minority in 2014 (not out of the realm of possibilities), If you do not immediately take to removing and replacing the Obamacare “reform” in such a manner that does not at the very least involve allowing sales across state lines, you will never again get my vote except for very specific circumstances that probably won’t cross my county line.  Grow a fucking spine, or go to that big elephant graveyard in the sky and let someone who at least is slightly different than the Asses try something new.

With exactly as much respect as you deserve for all of your hard work,



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I just… no, but… wait, what?

LOLWUTI can’t think of anyone who is less qualified to talk about “outstanding presidents” then the yayhoo occupying the oval office right now.  Maybe Billy from Ms. Smith’s 5th grade class, you know, the kid who sits in the back and picks his nose, but I bet even he at least has the idea that the job of “President” has some sense of importance to it.


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I don’t like any of it.

Lies, damned lies, and anything that Obama has ever said.


As for me, it’s already changed (for the worse) once, and will change again sometime next year, according to the letters I keep getting from the health insurance company, begging me to sign up for something or another.

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Your Shutdown News of the Day

From Robert Zimmerman coming from the Great Smoky Mountains.

Welcome to the Petty Fascist States of America.

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Breaking News

LSP wins the Shutdown News Award for the day.

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So we have a big pipe fitting that needs to be returned to the company who shipped it to us (mispackage), and the office is right next to the UPS shipping center, so I went over there to ask them how they’d suggest returning it. The nice lady there told me just to tape up the (beat up) box it came in and send it back that way. Little did I know how much the government shutdown affects… oh wait, yeah it doesn’t affect UPS shipping centers at all.

When I got back, my mother sent me an email from the local Mexican church that makes and sells delicious delicious tamales as a monthly fundraiser, and asked if I wanted any. I said “I thought they wouldn’t be able to do that this time because of how the government shut down.” Oh wait, no I didn’t say that. I said “YES PLEASE.” Government shutdowns don’t affect tamales.

Then I started writing a blog post about how the government shutdown had ruined some of the day to day things in my life, but I realized that because of the government shutdown, the internet wasn’t working, so I couldn’t work towards my new goal of 4,000 posts (passed 3,500 a couple weeks ago!). Oh wait, no, that’s not right. The internet is still here and wasting our time just as much as usual.

Who knew that government shutdowns would be so hard to live through?

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It’s rapidly approaching noon here and the world still hasn’t ended. Maybe the Grade-D politicians are exaggerating just a little bit?

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I hear all about how horrible this so called “shutdown” is, but it turns out I’m still going to have to be fingered by the TSA on Friday when I fly up to MT for my old room mate’s wedding.

So I guess they’re right, this shutdown is going to be uncomfortable and inconvenient!


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There are many nicknames for Hickenlooper in the common lexicon over here.  Hickenstupid, Chickenpooper, you know stuff like that.  The one that I like the most is one that my friend the history major told me: Hickenbloomber.  If you’re a politician and there’s only one person in the entire world whose opinion you care about, it might behoove you to at least make sure that they’re a constituent.  Just sayin’.


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