I want to know more about cross draw holsters. Can anyone lend a hand? The only advice I know to trust from gun forums is to not trust advice from gun forums.


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  1. Stick a right-handed appendix holster on your left side appendix position. Then realize it is silly and just appendix carry strong side.

    As for cross draw OWB, Simply Rugged makes bomb-proof pancakes for a reasonable price.

    Regarding practicality, cross draw is pretty pointless from a day-to-day standpoint and just complicates the draw-stroke. It does keep your heater handy and clear of the seatbelt you should be wearing if you drive all day.

  2. I would consider using while driving the only good use for a cross draw holster. Stick to strong side if you can.

  3. The three big reasons for me:

    1) Drawing from your dominate side is more intuitive and easier to train for than reaching across your body.
    2) Drawing from cross draw you swing the gun horizontally across target while drawing from strong side you swing vertically across target. You have a much better chance of a solid fast hit if you sweep vertically. (See Bill Jordan – No Second Place Winner)
    3) Retention issues – If you get up close and personal with an attacker it will be much harder for you to draw and easier for the assailant to take your gun from you.

    • Thanks. I see what you’re saying, but in my case I’m either always sitting at a desk, or out in the field wearing a backpack, neither of which are working well with me and strong side carry.

      • I was speaking in general terms. As I said in my first post, Cross draw carry is a good option if you spend most of your time seated. It sounds like it might be your best option.

        • Well, either way the J will stay in my pocket. It’s just, I didn’t buy the GP100 to be a safe queen, so I want to figure out how to actually carry it.