Ok, you know how speed strip reloaders come in packs of 2, right? I’ve been carrying one around with me every day for two years. I know where that one is. The other one was in my desk drawer at the old house. I saw it twice a week. Now I’ve moved, and it’s no longer with the desk drawer stuff. I’ve looked in every. single. box. I can find around here.


…and it’s nowhere to be found.

The only thing keeping me from buying more is the knowledge that as soon as I do it will be sitting in my desk drawer like nothing ever happened.


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4 responses to “Grrrrrrrrrr…

  1. packs of 2? No. They normally come packed one per bandoleer in ammo cans packed at Lake City for the US Army. All others are just surplus and scrap and can be found in quantities of any size you want. Even just one at a time. Go ahead a get a few more. They really are cheap and they never wear out. It’s good to have extras to give away to friends.