Vast Improvement — or “A study in GP100 Grip Geometry” — or “I hate Hogues”

A hearty recommendation for these Altamont Grips I bought for my new GP100. No finger grips, and pretty wood inserts instead of that disgusting toady looking lump of a Hogue grip!



Nice checkered backstrap, too. The best part is that without the stupid hump on the back of the Hogues, THE GUN NOW POINTS WHERE I THINK IT OUGHT TO, which, in the grand scheme of things, is kind of important.

A few criticisms, though–the checkering was initially very, for lack of a better word, gooey. I think I got most of it with a pass of Hoppe’s, but at first it actually was leaving black checkering marks on my hand, just like tire tracks in a Looney Tunes cartoon. Another big complaint I have is that, though it came packaged with three screws of various sizes (though I can’t figure out why–aren’t all GP100 frames the same size, or at least close enough that one size would work?), one was obviously too small, one was barely too small, and one was so long that when you tightened it up it stuck an 1/8″ out the other side, right into your palm. I filed the long one off to get it to work, but I’m thinking I need to head down to the hardware store. Lastly, the scallop thumb cutout has a rather drastic edge that I think I’m going to whittle down so it doesn’t dig into my thumb as much. It gets dangerously close to precipitating another finger groove rant from me.

All in all, I like these new grips a lot. From my initial impressions, they’re a vast improvement over the idiotic Hogues. Hopefully sometime soon I can get out and shoot the darn thing.

Added: comparison shot


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10 responses to “Vast Improvement — or “A study in GP100 Grip Geometry” — or “I hate Hogues”

  1. Og

    The backstrap checkering is sort of supposed to be a little “Gooey” or “grippy”. That is part of the design, but you did the right thing to stop it.
    The scallop is to clear a speedloader, and it is a compromise, but yeah, it can be annoying to hands of a certain shape. I have issues with a lot of thumb rest grips for similar reasons. I will tell the boys at Altamont they have another satisfied customer and forward them your blogpost.

  2. Classy looking grip. Maybe I should try and get one for each of my revolvers once I have a budget again.

  3. Og

    Also: I am told they supply the different screws because the thicknesses of the grips do indeed very that much.

  4. Og

    They only come in specific lengths. There is the ‘Skinny grip” length, the “Fat grip” length, and the “if all else fails” length which is made to be ground to size, IIRC. So it is not uncommon to have to shorten them to be an exact fit.
    if you go to the hardware store, you will probably find that they come in increments of 1/4″, which will likely give you just exactly what you have. I take long gripscrews like that and belt sand them to length, then put the screw in a little electric drill and “drill” them against a little stone or a piece of fine sandpaper to make them look “Finished” A sharpie will make them look blue (if you don’t already have stainless screws).if you want a finished blue look let me know, I will be happy to throw the screw in the tank next blue run.

    • Makes sense. I think I’ll just sick with this one-sending a tiny screw across the country to be blued is a bit past my off OCD threshold.

  5. Og

    Trying to find the exact length required, I stumbled on this screw. The first review of which, I hope to G-d, is a joke.