File under “Why?”

And I don’t want to hear “why not,” because I don’t own a 30-06, my dad never owned one, and I don’t even know anybody with one, yet, going through the stash reveals an unopened box of these:


I mean, I guess I’m ok with having a random box of nice hunting ammo in a caliber I don’t own, but…

I guess it just goes to show that you really ought to keep things organized.


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10 responses to “File under “Why?”

  1. Dan

    Bring it to Alabama with you and borrow one of mine in that exact caliber.

  2. I own one. Decided it would be a good investment after 30-06 was the one caliber that I could find on shelves during the last rush.

  3. kx59

    Keep it.

  4. Ritchie


  5. Are you sure that is what is inside the box? Some unscrupulous reloader may have just used that box to pack his .308, or 30-30 cartridges.