So last night I did an order from Midway for some various springs and things, but wound up throwing in a “.357 universal shell holder,” because I have all by dad’s old reloading stuff, which, as far as I can tell includes most of the tools (but is all for calibers I don’t shoot), and it was cheap, so what the hey. And now I realize that now I’m buying parts to start reloading–and I’m really not sure I need another hobby. Ooops.

Soon I’ll undoubtedly be spending $8,000 for a full on 3-gun kit.


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  1. You can reload screaming H110 magnum loads for less than buying factory LSWC 38 special. Do it.

    • I will. Eventually. I need dies I think, but other than that there are all the tools here already. Not that I know what I’m doing enough to tell, but I do have a friend who reloads, so hopefully he can help me out. Of course, before any of this happens we need to put the garage back together, because right now the reloading bench is under a half ton of other stuff…

  2. You could have just left it in the back seat of your truck to reload-on-the-go :v