GP stands for “Gun Pr0n”

So there it was, sitting forlornly in the used case. Turns out, it’s basically new (the paperwork in the box says October 2013) and I’m not sure that it’s even been fired yet, but I got 200 bucks off the price of the one in the New Cabinet, so I’m not going to complain. Seems to be a perfectly tight little (um, big?) gun, though I suppose final verdict on that will have to wait until it hits the range.



After having my 642 for all this time, I’m not sure how I feel about the button to open the cylinder up and the non-rotating ejector rod, but that’s not really anything that matters.  I really like the heft and lines of the design, despite what the internet forums say about GP100’s being chunky and ugly.  But you know how I feel about internet forum advice–after all, I bought a polymer-lower AR!

And, to rant just a little bit, I HATE FINGER GROOVES SOOOO MUCH. The guy at Hogue who they built this grip around can go and jump off a cliff for all I care. He must be a wookie or something, because they’re really quite ridiculously huge and mutatedly misshapen. Not only would the grooves only line up correctly for Andre the Giant, there’s a weird hump on the back that forces the gun to line up pointing so the front sight is about a half inch to the left of the rear sight, which is kind of amazing considering it’s a 4″ barrel. Already ordered a set of these with the silver-black inserts.  I don’t know, maybe the stock Hogues would work for someone… somewhere… but that person sure isn’t me.

Guess next I should look into holsters… and what were those springs you were talking about the other day, Butch?  Oh dear.  Seems I’ve found another way to spend money.



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  1. Wolff shooter’s pak:

    I have one in my Dan Wesson and J-frame with one soon to be ordered for my 10-11. They are great. And a great tank like the GP100 deserves them.

    By the way, good call on the grips and button cylinder release is great. And it will take the same HKS speed loaders as a 686.

    OOH OOH OOH, get a Python barrel and send it to a quality ‘smith to instal and shoot PPC with it!

  2. Woo, got an email, the grips were in stock and ready to be shipped!

  3. “He must be a wookie or something, because they’re really quite ridiculously huge and mutatedly misshapen.”

    Now I’m ascred, because my hands are huge(I’ve met 2 people with hands the same size as mine and 1 with larger. And none of those is my dad.) and they fit just right into the finger grooves on my 686+.

    …maybe a little tight, now that I really check it out.

    But yeah, the grips you linked to look super classy, and the Chiappa Rhino I held at a gun show once had the most comfortable grip I’d ever seen, and that was completely smooth.

  4. Nice! I had the same experience when I bought my R1911. Guy bought it, customized it a tad, decided he didn’t like it, and traded it in. I was quite happy to save money on a basically new gun.

    As for the Hogue grips, they work for me, but then, I have the hands of a Wookie or Andre The Giant.

    • This is the first used gun I’ve ever bought, and there’s really no downside!.

      I have Aye-Aye hands. I can palm a basketball, but my fingers are very skinny. I don’t understand why major manufacturers make stock a feature that automatically excludes a majority of their customers from using the product. Finger grooves are bad and they should feel bad about themselves.

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