Chili. With beans, and other stuff

Just in case there’s any Texans reading.


Cornbread gets put into the chili, of course.

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6 responses to “Chili. With beans, and other stuff

  1. That’ll start a bigger fight than a polymer AR pistol in 300 blackout with a non-threaded muzzle. I approve.

    • We’re all about being non-conformists here. But I was raised to do it; my mother has always been the one who did the cornbread thing.

  2. JPD

    Sorry, that is a crime against God to call ANYTHING with beans in it Chili. That is called stew.

    True Chili is the food of the Gods and NOT to be trifled with. Take my wife, my house, my money. BUT DO NOT TOUCH my guns, motorcycle, or chili.

    Check the bible, that is the 11th Commandment.

    Nuff said.

  3. kx59

    Quite presentable.
    Where are the jalapenos? I know you have some.

    • This used a bunch of green chillies from my uncle and a big spoonful of poblano powder from those ones I grew a couple years ago and dried.