Magic Potions and Tonics

Trial number one.
turns into
From this recipe. Start simple before adding all sorts of other fun things. Very easy to do (once you have the Cinchona and the Citric acid). I like it. I haven’t cracked open any soda water with it yet (I only have one can left!), but a small trial cocktail with plain water and whiskey is quite tasty. Being a non-spiced-up tonic, it’s a bit like one of your standard store-brand cheap tonic waters, but with a nice earthy flavor.

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4 responses to “Magic Potions and Tonics

  1. Not shown is the bark itself. Rest assured, it looks like bark.

  2. The proper gin and tonic I made was good enough that even my mother, who usually hates both gin and tonic said “Hmmm, that’s not bad.”