Thinking about guns

Specifically, my want list. There are several things near the top of my list, but they are all kind of vague wants with no substance behind them, with various states of practicality. And though I would never be one to say something like “Why would you want to spend money on something so stupid as [_____]?” in my own life there are limited funds, and the closer you get to practical the closer I get to seriously thinking of laying down cash. With that being said, my list as it stands currently contains a few things closer to the practical side, and a few things closer to the silly. I would welcome any thoughts anyone might have.

On the practical side, at work once the snow melts I’ll be doing quite a bit up in the mountains, where the landowner keeps saying “Oh yeah, I see lots of bears up here.” Black bears, at least, but I still doubt the snubbie is the ideal solution if I’m standing alone at the survey laser (sadly, it’s powerful enough to measure distances of several hundred yards by bouncing off of rocks and sticks, but not enough to set a bear on fire) and hear rustling behind me. Things being what they are, a long gun isn’t an option here, either, so, I was thinking about a .357, just because it would also be something that I want for in anyway (I will get a GP100 someday, dogonnit) and for cross compatibility with all my .38 stuff I already have, but it seems that the internet says (after sifting through the usual forums with a fine-mesh screen) “Ok for hunting bears, bad for self defense from bears,” which seems fair to me. Soooo… .44 Magnum has been on my want list, as well, just doesn’t have any of that crossover appeal with my already-in-stock stuff… (And before you say anything, I’m going to have bear spray, too)

Moving down the list, I’d really like to pick up a .17 something-or-another for gophers down at my grandpa’s farm. Seems that there are several different calibers in that diameter, but I can’t sort marketing hype from performance. Did see that Ruger is going to be making a rimfire version of it’s American Rifle in .17 HMR…

And before I get too far into non-practical territory, I really ought to buy a lightweight red dot for the CAV-15.

Wouldn’t mind building a new AR, maybe in some other funny caliber? Just because. Speaking of funny calibers, that .300 Blackout Handi Rifle is just ridiculous enough that I’ve wanted one ever since I first read about it.

And speaking of “just because,” I’ve always wanted one of Ruger’s scout rifles.

Someday I ought to look into buying a full-size Glock, but at this point in CO politics it’s kinda pointless to look at anything evil evil EEEEEVILLLL that would be over the 15 rd limit (and I’m back to putting another point in on the revolver idea!)

And from the revolver idea, I still want a .357 lever action. And speaking of lever guns, I want one of each. Ever. In calibers. Lots of calibers. And a million dollars. And a pony…

And the 21a is still on my list, but seems to have been moved down quite a ways for some reason. And on the pocket gun subject, I haven’t ever jumped on any .380 bandwagons before, and hearing that there’s 1000000+ LCP’s out there reminds me how close I was to buying one of those little guys for my first gun instead of Mr. XD9-SC…

That pretty much covers everything I’m thinking right now. Seems that the revolver thing is what’s dominating the game at the moment, with a major split between .357 and .44 mag, and .17 right behind them. Guess I should go and make sure the gun store guys know I’m still in town…


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  1. I recommend a .357 Mag caliber revolver, on a larger frame, such as a S&W Highway Patrolman, or a Ruger Security Six. The beefier frames can handle some REALLY hot handloads. My pop has a load that would probably put some hurt on a S&W model 29 with regular use, but my brother’s Security Six eats ‘em with ease. It can punish the shooter a bit, though. Pair that up with a Marlin lever gun in .357, and you’ve got 2 guns that can handle everything from hunting to home defense to self-defense. in the winter months, you can conceal the revolver relatively easily, and they make an excellent bug-out pair, as they eat the same ammo, and can fill almost any role. I have a .357 Mag Taurus and a Marlin levergun chambered in .357 for just exactly these reasons.

  2. - Tiny DAO 380 ACP pocket pistols suck at anything beyond “being a gun, I guess.” I may be the only person in the world to like shooting them. And manual safeties on a DAO are dumb, leaving Ruger the only real choice. Unless the G42 proves reliable, but it is bigger and may start to lose pocketability.

    – The Beretta 21a is the hootiest of hoots. I love the looks I get shooting one out to ~50 yards at larger targets.

    – Lever-action 357 magnums are cool, handy, cheap to shoot (especially if you reload), useful for hunting whitetail and smaller game, and silly fun. Pickiness regarding bullet profile is the only negative going for them. So just load the ones it feeds and still have an awesome gun.

    – Also consider a Rugger 77/357. Once my wife is working and our living situation stabilizes, I may SBR one to almost flush with the stock and get a 9mm can with good iron sights :D

    – A tiny red dot on an AR is nifty. And If you replace it, you can mount it on a 357 lever gun and have THE MOST FUN GUN EVER.

    – If you have to shoot a black bear, it is your own fault. They are just big dogs and a small 357 would do you precisely zero more good than a 38 as you bug out.

    – Full-size Glocks are nice, easy to shoot well, but about as exciting as…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    – Back to the LCP, it would have been a terrible first handgat. Even a new one with better…er…slightly less useless sights.

    – 44 magnum is cool and can be reloaded cheaply. Get a Dan Wesson so you can play around with grips and barrel lengths/weights. Or a Ruger if you hate fun and just want a tank.

    – A new AR would be cool, I guess. Meh.

    – Ignoring my inner conservationist raging about declining native ranges, a quality 17 HMR with a good Atlas or Harris bi-pod, and very good glass would give vermin a decent what-for on a budget.

    Personally, I’d mount the Vortex red dot you already have on the 5.56 to see if I really want a red dot on it before getting a Micro Aimpoint (Get the H1, you don’t need a night vision setting). And then get a 357 lever-gun. Or a GP-100. Or a Dan Wesson 15-2, oh wait, already have one B)

    Reasoning: a 15-2 can be a full size handgun, you like revolvers, can take a quality, new manufacture 2.5″ heavy barrel and compact grips, full size target grips can be copped and ground to fit you. A 357 lever gun or bolt-turner is just pure neat. And good glass on the rifle you already own is better than a new similar rifle when #1 is not even complete to your liking. The 17 HMR would be neat, but good glass would make it a spendy proposition.

    • Pretty sure the Henry .22 with CBs is actually the funnest gun ever, but then I’ve never shot .357 out of a rifle before.

      If I had to shoot a bear, it would be because something went very very wrong, but it would also be at a location with no cell service or help for 20 miles in any direction. Back to “prepare for worst case or most likely?”

      Regarding the 21a/other tiny guns including the LCP, I have some weird thing about very small guns. I wants them all. Which dovetails nicely into I’ve always wanted a Ruger Alaskan, because a snubbishnose .44 is just so crazy. But if I really went for a .44 it would probably have to be Not A Ruger, because I recognize the need for a longer barrel and I think the regular Super Redhawk is uglier than shit, and I don’t really have a desire for single actions.

      And speaking of Rugers, I want a GP100 because of how ugly and tankish it is. No accounting for taste.

      The AR thing, is precisely what you said. Cool I guess.

      If you’re worried about gopher (and FYI, I use gopher as an all-inclusive to describe prairie dogs, ground squirrels, and any other little varmint that lives in a hole) populations, you really need to come out west, because damn they’re everywhere. And they absolutely ruin irrigation systems. A .17 would probably be the most “practical” use gun on the list in terms of immediate benefits.

      As time goes by I lean more and more away from the aimpoint. There’s gotta be something out there that fits the “small” category without the “600 bucks” for quality that I don’t need.

      And .300 AAC would be for kicks and giggles.

    • I kinda like the looks of this guy

      Just wish companies would stop putting in dual color gimmicks.

  3. Oh, and 300 blackout can take supersonic loads to be useful, but the subsonic loads lack ethical lethality for anything but varmints and would just be a neat *pft* load with a good can which 22lr could do cheaper.