Reuben with kimchi


Home made kimchi. Someday I’m going to do home made corned beef, too.

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6 responses to “Reuben with kimchi

  1. Like the dry Martini, I see the Rubin as a food that is already perfected.

    I don’t like people messing with the Rubin….I might make an exception to this, that sounds DAMN good.

  2. Sounds delicious. I make kimchi at home too. And sauerkraut.

    • The homemade sauerkraut was on the sandwich I had the night before. Cook one corned beef and you have enough meat for two people to have reubens three days in a row!

  3. kx59

    Looks good. I like Reubens a lot. I could easily eat them three days in a row. Now that I think about it, I haven’t had one in a while.
    I think I need to get over to Ziggy’s.