New windows today

Because, let’s face it, having half an inch of ice on the inside of the north facing (aluminum framed) windows isn’t really that great.

Ah, aluminum framed windows. Yet another idea that I just can not figure out. Like the in-ceiling electric radiant heat. Is it just because everyone in the 70’s was on drugs that these things even came to be?

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6 responses to “New windows today

  1. I recently upgrades windows 8 to 8.1. I didn’t see much difference.

  2. That’s because it was a mostly cosmetic upgrade that didn’t do anything to improve the actual heat conductivity.

  3. kx59

    It’s that whole “first cost” thing. They’re cheap.
    Surely you don’t have the cheapest of the cheap – aluminum frames single pane 1/8″ glass.
    The harrah!

  4. I hope you’ll notice as big of a difference as we did in replacing ours. We had the original 1969 contractor grade, single pane, aluminum frame windows and replaced them with modern pvc, double pane, filled, double hung (great for cleaning) windows — our electricity bill dropped drastically !!

    • So far so good, though we need to re-grout one or two where the window guys had to chip out the brick to put the new ones in, so there’s still a few leaks here and there.

      Not to mention that now that there’s not a layer of condensation and dirt between the panes, you CAN ACTUALLY SEE OUT!