Advice for everyone regarding your recent cold snap

This is some advice for someone who lived in MT, and walked to school every day, even when the temperature was -32F–put a coat on, and long underwear. Wool hats are your friends. Complaining is fine, expected even, but don’t forget to enjoy the novelty of it, even if just a little bit.

Oh, the weather here? Considering this was the weather a month ago, Today’s forecast of 20 high, 4 low, and mostly sunny, it Ain’t No Thang.

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5 responses to “Advice for everyone regarding your recent cold snap

  1. It is winter.
    Children’s laughter at the front door.
    They tremble into the house,
    boots off,
    hats off.
    Sweaters, snowsuits, scarves, and mittens are peeled away.
    Hey, these aren’t your kids.

    –Red Green

  2. I live in the mountains of New Hampshire and not only does everyone whine about the cold, have a tantrum about the snow, and yell at me for letting the kids play out in it, but they also look at me funny when I clink by in Koflachs and gaiters on my way to hike a mountain when it is twenty below and gusting. They should all move to Florida and leave me more room.

  3. 20 High? Psh. T-shirt weather.

    Today was nice. Coat weather, not too cold. I maybe should have grabbed my gloves before leaving the house.

    • I know right? All last month I was complaining about how cold it was, and now that everyone else is getting subzero, it’s actually kinda nice here.