Gun confession

When I go into a gun shop, it usually takes me about 10 seconds talking with the guy behind the counter to realize that I know more about the guns I’m looking at than he does, so I dumb down my conversation. Ask him if they have what you’re looking for, ask him the price, but don’t ask for advice…

Unless you want to walk out of there with a Judge.


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3 responses to “Gun confession

  1. One of the Judge carbines in 28 gauge would be sooooooooooooo much fun, though.

    • Well, yeah, nothing wrong with them. Great for getting the crows off the trash when at Lake Powell. Just using them as a general example, is all.

  2. The situation I’m in right now, I’d *love* to be able to walk out of a gun store with a Judge in hand. *sigh*