I think she thinks she’s a Husky


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December 8, 2013 · 08:39

4 responses to “I think she thinks she’s a Husky

    • Glad to hear someone else besides me say it. It’s like my mom only sees the two pairs of destroyed slippers, the two pairs of destroyed shoes, another two pairs of my shoes that have been munched on, all the papers that have been shredded, the box of kleenex that had the unfortunate incident…

      • More space to brag about my sister’s dog.

        My sister has a collection of rubber duckies which are just face-height for the dog. When we first got her, she would regularly grab one and carry it around, gently, in her mouth, never biting down, never squeezing. When done, she would put it back.

        After a minimum of training, she doesn’t damage ANYTHING except her own toys, and even then, she only destroys the ones that are supposed to be edible. I gave her one of those flying screaming monkies that came in a package I got over a year ago, and it’s still in good shape, despite the fact that she’s learned how to gnaw on the mechanism to make it scream(which is her new favorite sound in the world)

  1. Awww, she can be whatever she wants to be.