It came a little bit rough around the edges, but that’s what the reviews all said and I was expecting it. Just sanded and oiled the handle and it already feels like it’s worth another 20 bucks. When I get around to sharpening up the blade, it’ll be up to a Bruks*! 

I’ve never done any wood finishing, it was kinda fun to see it go from “serviceable” to “smooth as a baby’s bottom.”

*ok, probably not, but still a dandy Swedish axe for half the price

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7 responses to “Axe

  1. My sister and I are making a Harry Potter-style wand as a Christmas present. Similar sort of experience, taking a wooden branch and fashioning it into something entirely different. I haven’t done anything like this since 1999.

  2. Eeeeeexcellent, bwa-bwahahahaha

  3. Doubletrouble

    That is the weirdest chainsaw I’ve ever seen.

    • I know, right? Where’s the chain stored at? A little compartment or something? I think I need to read up on these things some more.