… … … …I didn’t mean for this to happen

So my dog chewed up her old rope tug toy, so I went on amazon to find a replacement. While I was there, I remembered that I lost my trusty estwing axe somewhere along the line, and thought I should probably look at axes. Then, since my brother the programer computer nerd was sitting next to me I asked him about building a new computer, since my laptop, while still a very good compy, is now three and a half years old (remember when my old one killed itself?) and starting to act a bit funny during startup. Then I realized that it’s black Friday and there’s deals all over the place. Now I’ve got over a thousand dollars worth of parts and pieces in my cart, along with a nice looking little Husqvarna axe, and two dog ropes, since as I was sitting here the dog went to the toy box and pulled out the little puppy rope buried in the bottom. All I can say now is [rationalize]I’ve been thinking about building a new computer for a year now[/rationalize] and boy, those are really expensive dog toys when you add up the incidental costs…

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3 responses to “… … … …I didn’t mean for this to happen

  1. Aaaaaand now I realize this blog is less than a week away from being 4 years old. Good grief.

  2. kx59

    quite similar to grocery shopping when hungry.