Well, CG has me going, so I thought I would show what I just accomplished in Kerbal Space Program. I researched everything in the new career mode, so rather than start over with an ambitious project of tracking my progress, I thought I would just show you my first manned landing to an extra-Kerbin location–Duna, the game’s Mars equivalent.

We join our mission in Kerbin orbit, at the fuel depot I have.


Now, my Kittyhawk lander and Harpy Flyer are docked and ready to rock



Bye, bye, Kerbin!  Bye, bye, Mun!


[cut lots of fiddling with orbits and time acceleration]

Hello, Duna!



Barely landed!  My parachutes didn’t open til 500 meters off the ground, if I hadn’t been running the engines at full blast I wouldn’t have made it.


Jeb contemplating the big questions in life.  Like “since I had to burn all the way down, will there be enough fuel to get home?”


I thought maybe I wouldn’t have enough fuel to get back home, but some fortuitous timing and the calculator on this website made it easy-peasy.


Hey, I can see my house from here!


And a gentle landing into the sea.


All three, home safe and sound.  And I got 27 science, for recovering a vehicle that orbited Duna.  If I hadn’t been chicken and left my Kittyhawk in Duna orbit, it woulda been a might higher, but for now, science isn’t transferable between vehicles (look for it in the next update!).  But like I said earlier, I’ve already maxed out my research, so, like, whatever, huh?

There’s where Gurshel Spacecraft Corporation stands.  We’ll see where they go next.

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2 responses to “KSP

  1. Glad to see I’m a bad influence on people I haven’t interacted with face-to-face, too :D Your fuel depot looks nice. Why do my stations never look nice like that?

    Also, congrats on getting everyone back.

    I’m really looking forward to 0.23, partly because of the upcoming laboratory module that will make it make sense to leave stuff on planets or in orbit besides just fuel concerns, partly because I’m hoping the overhaul to the way experiments are reset and transmitted will cut down on me sitting there, waiting for batteries to recharge and spamming the “experiment…submit” buttons.

    By the way, in that huge block of editing icons on your blog, there’s one that looks like the “advanced construction” icon in the tech tree. You can use that to insert a manual break so that you can hide parts of your post behind a click wall, so you don’t, say, populate your front page with a sudden wall-of-pictures.

    • Nope, I hate things that are “click to read more below the fold.” I really only do it for people I like, so feel lucky, I guess.

      You will see my pictures in all their glory!